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Hi. This is my attempt at making a napkin look like the Faisal Mosque. I think I did pretty well, right? No? Well...Yolo niggazz. (Btw, YoloMoloSholo is something my sister Fatima says, in case you're wondering.)

Lolzz. I don't think it's even fair to apologize for being so damn late this time, but what can I say, your forgiveness means a lot to me :( Forgive me? 

I was caught up in...stuff. I think 'stuff' sums up every thing happening in 'the roller coaster dat ix lyf', so as to quote Zayn Malik. Who btw, also deserves a lulx, for having millions of Pakistani girls drooling over him, and then marrying Gorri Maim Perrie Sahiba like a boss. Good 'un Zaynie bway.

Anyway, the weather in Pindi is beautiful! An utmost delight after the scorching heat of the plains of Punjab. Do you know, I can see Monal from my rooms terrace? Yes, my room has a terrace here ^_^

The academy I go to has a certain Mathematics Equation in its name...care to make any guesses? I guess not :(
But honestly, I am loving Pindi. Even though it's not as cheery or big, bold and beautiful as Lahore, even though it's not as flashy, or it doesn't stay up till late, I am loving it here. The serene (suburban?) life is pretty amazing. And the silence, how I love it!!

I haven't had much time to cook anything new, which is sad. I do however, have pictures of an onion, cheese and tomato tart I made once upon a time. Maybe I should post that sometime in this lifetime...ok.

Also, I promise that I will try my best to give time to Khadija Says Hi every weekend, if I can manage it, that is. I barely have time to breathe, let alone blog. I wonder where all my time slips off to...I mean, seriously. It's like a huge chunk of my time vanishes just like that. It's not fair, and it's veryyy infuriating. You know what else is infuriating? Ecology. That's what. So there's a Nitrogen Cycle? Wow, my life would have been a failure if I hadn't known that!

Okay, I need to stop making fun of Bio. Or else it might just take it's revenge...yikes. #NoThankYou
If you replace the B in Bio with an R, you get Rio. *wink wink* But serzz, why don't we pronounce Rio as Rayo? Like Bayo (bio)? The English Language is a foolish one...says the girl who is conversing in English atm. Tevzz.

Today is the 7th of September. Someone VERY close to me was born today. I love this person so so much, cause they've always been there for me, and are just downright amazing. I love you more than words can say, and more than I tell you. #Broz4Lyf 

Hehehe, Garfield. He's ma brother cuz we luv food and r lazy 2 da coreee. Ya I vary kewl boi, dun jalus, k?

Okay, now I will go and tend to more stuff. Birthday stuff. Hehaho.

I will try my BESTT to publish the Onion Tart Post, and you guyss, you keep praying!
Loads of prayers and best wishes,
Khadija Muzaffar Ahmed.

Updated on the 8th at 12:34:
I'm sorry but my internet was giving me problems, so I couldn't post this ON the seventh -.- Sed Lyf.


  1. Finally you wrote something after ages! I thot you died :p

  2. You're fun! Keep writing, Deeju!

    - Umar

    1. Awwww Thank Youuu!! This means a lottt :D

  3. Bodmas. Nd y didnt yu tell yu guys fianly shifted :O
    btw, whr yu living.? O_o
    - Ali


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