The Best Caramel Popcorn EVER.

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Sighhh. Well, now I've dunnit :/ I suppose Cupcake Jemma deserves half the blame, but the rest belongs to me. I've made something so easy and so addictive and so dangerous. Why did I crave toffee popcorn at midnight? Why did I MAKE toffee popcorn at midnight? Why did draw a fake tattoo on my arm three weeks ago? These are all questions no can really answer :/
But there's stuff I can answer. For instance, was the popcorn bonkers awesome? Indeed, it was. Will I make it again? You bet I will. Is the tattoo still there? Ummmm...lets get to the popcorn shall we? O:)

I grew up devouring pack after pack of Korneez Toffee Popcorn...yup thats their name. I can't even. Anyway, I never really liked the caramel popcorn you get at movie theaters mostly cause there's just a very superficial caramel flavour, and that just doesn't do it for me. Imagine my delight when I tried this popcorn only to discover THAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE CARAMEL OH MY GOD. It was crunchy and sweet and salty and everything caramel corn should be :') I was in bliss. 
Just one problem tho: I couldn't stop eating it. 

Today I'm gonna be watching Divergent with a bunch of my friends, for the first time. It just didn't seem like my kinda thing, thats why I put it off for so long. I've heard it's good though. And I do love Shailene Woodley, she's so pretty! (Because popcorn talk leads to movie talk)

This popcorn takes hardly 20 minutes to whip up, and it would be great for birthdays, or movie nights or even as a gift if you put it in a clear bag and put a ribbon on it :') But just be warned, it is HIGHLY addictive :)

Caramel Popcorn Recipe
(From Cupcake Jemma//Jemma Wilson)

1 packet microwave popcorn, butter flavored
210 g sugar (1 cup minus 1 tablespoon of sugar)*
100 ml water (1/2 cup minus 1 tablespoon of water)**
1 tablespoon of butter

*measure 1 cup and then remove 1 tablespoon
**measure 1/2 cup and then remove 1 tablespoon

Make the popcorn according to the instructions on the packet. Put in a bowl.
Meanwhile, measure out ALL the ingredients for the caramel before you start cooking it. Place them near you so you can reach them easily. In a pan, add the sugar, and then pour the water. DO NOT STIR. You must PROMISE not to stir it. Just swirl the pan around so that the sugar settles into place and then put it on medium-low heat. Patiently wait for it to bubble up. It will now start to color, and you have to keep a close eye on it at this point. You're looking for a uniform, even amber color. It's going to be a translucent sort of caramel color, and it's gonna take a little time to reach that color. Remember, it has to be even. That means you cant be okay with patches of amber, you need a pool of amber lusciousness. Just swirl the pan occasionally. Once you reach the uniform amber stage, add the tablespoon of butter. It is going to fizz and foam, but dont worry, its not dangerous. Start stirring and keep on doing so till ALL the bubbles go away and you get a smooth caramel liquid. (You might want to take it off the heat and stir it after 3-4 minutes of stirring on heat). 
Now you have to work quickly. Pour the caramel sauce all over the popcorn and STIR STIR STIR. Work quickly or else the caramel will set. Make sure everything is coated and then scoop out the popcorn and press it into a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Again, work fast.  Press the popcorn neatly, and then let it cool for 5 minutes. (I didn't wait initially, and I got slivers and threads of caramel in the first bunch I ate...not bad, but not what you want in your popcorn.)
After it has cooled, break the popcorn into smaller pieces and TREAT YO' SELF!!

I hope you guys try thissss, it is so simple and lovely and addictive. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS!! Stay safe, stay happy and be kind to everyone!
Khadija :)

Update: Divergent was awesome :) You should watch it!


  1. Looks so tempting :D

  2. i love watching cupcake jemma! everything she makes sounds sooo good. and i love your photography- it's very BAM popcorn (:

    1. I know right? And she's so adorable! Thank youuuu, means a lot xxx


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