Cake: A Study

Again, I'm not going to say much, except to tell you that the cake in question (or in study) was this amazing one, which is a family favorite of ours. And the best part about it is, it has only five ingredients so you can whip it up in no time. (I usually overbake mine just a little bit, resulting in THE MOST RIDICULOUSLY EASY brownies EVER!!) (and you don't need cooking chocolate omg??!!!)

In other news, this winter business has gone on long enough, i want summer nowww. I really don't like these foggy, biting-cold-wind kind of days. Me and winter, we just don't get along :/ Sorry House Stark, but Winterfell just seems like a huge no :/ 

What I find somewhat funny (and irksome too) is that I took exactly zero pictures of the cake itself :))))) So I guess a more apropos title would have been 'Cake Batter: A Study'. But oh well, you win some you lose some. (?????) Although to be fair, by the time it finished baking, there was no decent lighting left (i love natural light), and also v v hungry :}

 I find this short sporadic rambling/posting really refreshing, to be honest. Also, I was about to write 'tbh', but then I thought of how my Communication Skills teacher would disapprove, and thought better of it. Do I get points/cookies/edible-rewards for being an awesome student? I really should.

Khadija The Model Student O:)

Sadiq Garh Palace // Lorem Ipsum

After a long long hiatus, I am back. I'd been super busy with school, and missing my family and my darling dogs, but once the semester ended and I came back to the familiarity and comfort of my house and family, I felt like visiting this old haunt again. So in this post, I wont say much, except to tell you that Sadiq Garh Palace is a beautifully tragic place to visit. This fading gem is located in the small town of Dera Nawab Sahab, in the Bahawalpur State. Once a place of the highest grandeur, it now stands alone and forgotten, almost in ruins. Just a reminder to never take anything for granted, I guess. But I won't lie and say my heart didn't break when I saw this magnificent beauty, because it did. Everything was rusting and fading and breaking away. Every embellishment had been pried off ages ago, so much so that in some places even the tiles and the wallpaper had been stolen. Where there were once huge crystal chandeliers imported from Belgium, there now swayed frayed rope. This was a place where Queen Victoria once stayed, and now only ghosts of a forgotten past roamed the halls. If this is not pain itself, I do not know what it is.

To finish off this post, here's what came out of me dabbling (rather poorly) in Photoshop for the first time today. Et voila. Stay happy and kind and safe!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jinnah

Do you see this man? Do you know who this is? Do you remember? What's that, you do? Okay okay, I believe you. For anyone who doesn't know, this is Muhammad Ali Jinnah, fondly known in this country as Quaid-e-Azam, Founder of Pakistan. In fact, I think more people call him Quaid than his actual name, which is fine as long as you remember the actual name too. 

I feel like sometimes people, including myself, forget that Mr. Jinnah was in fact a real person. We forget the enormity of the feat he achieved. We've been reading about his life and his struggles in putting Pakistan on the map, but we haven't been grasping the actual feeling behind it. 

Think of it like this; something possessed an ordinary lawyer to aspire to create an entire new country. This isn't something trivial. And I mean, he didn't just aspire, he brought it home. And I don't know about you, but when I think about it like that, when I put myself in his shoes, I am left in a state of perpetual awe.

For a short time a while ago, I, to be very honest, lost all hope in the people of Pakistan. My eyes bled scarlet tears when I thought of Pakistan herself. My heart sang songs of wretchedness and misery, and I could have sworn I heard her cry to me, through her soil, through her air and through her being. I wondered if the blood of those valiant people who 67 years ago fought for something we still take undue advantage of today, was lost in vain.

For the longest time I thought education was the answer. Educate people, and things would be roses and sweet dreams again. But then people who were apparently educated began to do things I wouldn't expect of them, and a hundred daggers went flying at my heart. I closed the gaping wound in my chest with the faint hope that maybe this was just one person, just a small group? My answer came to me when I saw my hope drenched in the blood of a broken heart. I then asked myself; how can I expect education to solve our problems when the educated are just as bad? I ask you this too, for in all honesty, I don't really have an answer.

What I do have, is the tiniest sliver of hope, carefully threaded against my chest, holding in that once broken and now on the verge of healing heart. I know that for every bad person, there are a few good ones out there, hidden like the gems they are. I don't know what can save us as a nation, but knowing that isn't my job. All I know is that I must be the very best I can be, and I must pay my forefathers' debt, and I must never let my Quaid or my country down. Happy Birthday, Mr Jinnah. 
Khadija Muzaffar

5 Great Instagram Accounts

Hello guys! Today I wanna let you guys know what my picks for the 5 greatest Instagrams are (listed below in no particular order). Obviously, there are a LOT more accounts that I love, but those are more like, personal accounts? Like Instagrams belonging to youtubers/models/bloggers/actors I like, and so they might not be 'great' for everyone. BUTTTT these 5 accounts, I'm sure all of you would like. Should like? Meh, I'm not your mother. Anyyywayyyy....

You guys might probably already know about this really popular page. People post selfeets (is that a word yet?) on really gorgeous floors, and we love it. I don't know why, but we do. I mean, come on, LOOK at those floors! They're beautiful! Definitely one of my favorite accounts out there. (???out where???)
A photo posted by I Have This Thing With Floors (@ihavethisthingwithfloors) on

Okay this account is hilarious. And those dudes really are hot. AND THEY READ!!! But what I love best about this page, is the captionssss. Not only are they super funny, the people behind this page know how to work a good hashtag, that usually leave me a bit jealous over how brilliant they are!

Guys omg this account is hands down my favorite, even though I said this list would be in no particular order. Although actually, considering that my favorite account is coming third, it probably IS in no particular order. But there hasn't been a time when this account HASN'T made me laugh out loud. And I don't even mean the nose exhale thing we usually do, I'm talking about proper, real, sounds like bells laughter! 

CUATRO: Robert Jahns
I feel like I've mentioned his account before, somewhere on this blog, but I don't care. Mostly cause I can't remember..... Okay so Mr Robert is mad talented in the art of photoshop. His feed consists of magical and mesmerizing pictures that leave you awe-struck, buttttt, they're not real! Well not really. They're mostly different images photoshopped together to create one hella rad picture. Must see.
A photo posted by Robert Jahns (@nois7) on

FIFTH: Josh Hara
This is where my knowledge of Spanish numbers dies out. Although, I really could have googled what fifth is called, but oh well. ANYWAY. Josh Hara! He does this really cool thing where he draws amazing and funny stuff on coffee cups. I actually had a hard time believing he drew them by hand, some people are just crazy talented, and that makes me so happy.  
A photo posted by Josh Hara (@yoyoha) on

So these are 5 of my favorite Instagram accounts. I'd love to know your favorites! Also, if you wanna follow me on instagram, my username is @khadijasayshi. There, now that I've shamelessly publicized myself, I can end this post :p 
Stay happy, stay kind and stay safe!

(Top Photo Source: I Have This Thing With Floors)

Stop. Glamorizing. Depression.

Hello my friends! Hope you all had lovely eid holidays, as did I! I come to you today with a topic that's rather sordid, but its one that I feel we all need to discuss and understand. 

Depression is a serious mental illness. Maybe I should put that in bold; it's an ILLNESS. Like cancer. We wouldn't associate ourselves with cancer, or even the measles, then whyyyy do we rush to diagnose ourselves as depressed?? So many early-teens and teenagers are misdiagnosing themselves with depression, just because they get a little sad, or even VERY sad. We're humans, we're bound to feel sad some days. We go on tumblr and we see pretty photos with sad writing on them, and pretty girls with sad eyes and sad scars and we mistake them for 'angels who want to go home'. We want to be sad. Because apparently sad is unique and sad is quirky. Sad is mysterious. Sad makes us different, and someone will like how unique we are and kiss our scars and put out our cigarettes and make it all better. Or the world will see how bravely you've been suffering, how absolutely brave you've been. 

CAN YOU SEE HOW FLAWED THAT THINKING IS??? Life is not a freakin' John Green book. It's okay to feel sad, or angry or lazy sometimes. But if you let it take you over, if you say it's become a part of you, well you're just lying to yourself. Depression, self-harm, freakin' suicide are not beautiful, are not fun and should not be thought of as beautiful or fun. So next time you feel sad and decide to write that very sad piece you're going to write, just make sure you don't make it sound like you have a mental illness. It's very offending to people who actually HAVE the illness.

When I was 15, I too, like younger girls nowadays THOUGHT I was depressed. I suppose teenage is when you really start experiencing actual sadness over stuff. Before that you're too young to care about most stuff. Do you remember being truly deeply sad over anything as a 9 year old? Probably not.

So, I misdiagnosed myself. I mean, sad thoughts? Check. Trouble sleeping? Weight gain? Oh that definitely has to do with depression, not the fact that I'm shoving 15 kinds of cake in my mouth and quickly turning into Augustus Gloop. (who, if you'll remember, was great big nincompoop, much like 15 year old KD.)

Anyway, I started getting worried because in addition to thinking I was depressed, I thought I was Bipolar and also suffered from a Split Personality Disorder, and wasn't getting any treatment, oh no. So, aged 16, I went to my mother, told her everything, and she told me something that made so much sense. 
See, we're all humans, right? (No jokes pls) And we all have a brain that allows us to feel emotions like sadness, rage or euphoria. Sometimes, when the brain becomes ill as in the case of mental illnesses, it messes up and triggers waaaayyy more emotion than is needed. So those individuals feel excessively sad, or excessively angry, or even both for alternating periods of times. So basically those same standard emotions, are being portrayed in way more drastic amounts, leading to very serious illnesses. And because normal healthy people like us experience those same emotions, but in NORMAL amounts, we misdiagnose ourselves with something terrible. Makes sense, no?

And of course, sometimes, we feel like a mental illness is the perfect excuse to not doing anything, or not meeting anybody, or just being really anti-social in general. And I mean, I'm sure we can agree that our generation is the most anti-social one yet. So depression gives us an excuse to feel irrationally angry or sad or grumpy. I hope you're seeing the whole point of this post. If not, lemme tell you. The point is, illnesses are NOT to be taken lightly. Depression is not beautiful. Flowers don't grow out of scars. Suicidal people aren't trapped angels. Whats beautiful, is your life, and no matter how cliche this sounds, it IS very precious, and it's not eternal, unless you're a vampire, in which case hullo immortal being, SO TRY TO MAKE THE MOST OF IT. Stop brooding, stop being sad, stop thinking sad is rad because its not. Happy is rad. Happy is pretty. Happy is nice. BE HAPPY, YOU SILLY POTATOES. 
And now I will insert a cute little GIF of a doggie, because that makes me so very happy.

"I am the prettiest lady in all of the spains."

I just :') LOOK AT THAT FACE OMG ANIMALS ARE THE FREAKING BEST. As are you all! Let me know what your opinions on this are in the comments below. Stay happy stay kind stay safeee!

(Top photo: Gala Darling)
(Augustus Gloop GIF: Paper Fury)
(Prettiest Lady of Spain: Reddit)

Summer Bucket List

*cue 'This Summers Gonna Hurt' by Maroon 5*
*then switch to 'While I'm Alive' by Strfkr, because I'm an indecisive duck*

Ahh, summer. Possibly my favorite season. At least it WAS till I moved to the freakin' desert. Now all I can think about is cold winds and winter rains...kind of. Anyway, in an effort to NOT waste this summer, like just about every summer of my past, I decided to finally make a small bucket list AND ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH STUFF TOO. And lo and behold, I present to you, my lazy/not so lazy bucket list :)

1. Go to the gym everyday. The gym is like five minutes away from my house so umm...
2. No more junk food...this is gonna be difficult BUT LEZZ DO IT FOR THE FAB-POINTS*
3. Learn to drive. Getting there, getting there.
4. Go on more walks with Chip. Even if its a hundred degrees outside. Even if its burning.
5. Learn to play tennis. Again, I live five minutes away from the tennis court, so yanno.
6. Print new pictures and frame them. Does anybody else forget to get their pictures printed? Damn you digital cameras :/
7. Find time to read more...and go on the internet less.
8. Have a huge waterfight. Mandatory.
9. Go to Lahore by train. omg I SO wanna do this, its been ages since I've been on a train :(
10. Paint more. Also buy yourself a new sketchbook please. Thanks.
11. Call, not text your friends more often. Because we all need to do this. 
12. Be thankful. I wanna do this every night before bed. Good form.
13. Be kind. Be nice. Even if the other person is in the wrong. Radiate positivity!

So my friends, these are my plans so far. I should probably add RETURN THOSE DAMN LIBRARY BOOKS considering its been more than a month since I borrowed them...oops?
What are your plans for summer? What do you hope to accomplish by the end of it? I'd love to hear :) 

ALSO, did you guys notice the new site layout? What do you think? Do you love it? Hate it? Can't be bothered? LET ME KNOWWW. I think it looks cleaner than the previous one, so I'm happy :) But i wanna hear what you think! Leave a comment below, okay?
Stay happy, stay kind and stay beautiful!

The Best Caramel Popcorn EVER.

Sighhh. Well, now I've dunnit :/ I suppose Cupcake Jemma deserves half the blame, but the rest belongs to me. I've made something so easy and so addictive and so dangerous. Why did I crave toffee popcorn at midnight? Why did I MAKE toffee popcorn at midnight? Why did draw a fake tattoo on my arm three weeks ago? These are all questions no can really answer :/
But there's stuff I can answer. For instance, was the popcorn bonkers awesome? Indeed, it was. Will I make it again? You bet I will. Is the tattoo still there? Ummmm...lets get to the popcorn shall we? O:)

I grew up devouring pack after pack of Korneez Toffee Popcorn...yup thats their name. I can't even. Anyway, I never really liked the caramel popcorn you get at movie theaters mostly cause there's just a very superficial caramel flavour, and that just doesn't do it for me. Imagine my delight when I tried this popcorn only to discover THAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE CARAMEL OH MY GOD. It was crunchy and sweet and salty and everything caramel corn should be :') I was in bliss. 
Just one problem tho: I couldn't stop eating it. 

Today I'm gonna be watching Divergent with a bunch of my friends, for the first time. It just didn't seem like my kinda thing, thats why I put it off for so long. I've heard it's good though. And I do love Shailene Woodley, she's so pretty! (Because popcorn talk leads to movie talk)

This popcorn takes hardly 20 minutes to whip up, and it would be great for birthdays, or movie nights or even as a gift if you put it in a clear bag and put a ribbon on it :') But just be warned, it is HIGHLY addictive :)

Caramel Popcorn Recipe
(From Cupcake Jemma//Jemma Wilson)

1 packet microwave popcorn, butter flavored
210 g sugar (1 cup minus 1 tablespoon of sugar)*
100 ml water (1/2 cup minus 1 tablespoon of water)**
1 tablespoon of butter

*measure 1 cup and then remove 1 tablespoon
**measure 1/2 cup and then remove 1 tablespoon

Make the popcorn according to the instructions on the packet. Put in a bowl.
Meanwhile, measure out ALL the ingredients for the caramel before you start cooking it. Place them near you so you can reach them easily. In a pan, add the sugar, and then pour the water. DO NOT STIR. You must PROMISE not to stir it. Just swirl the pan around so that the sugar settles into place and then put it on medium-low heat. Patiently wait for it to bubble up. It will now start to color, and you have to keep a close eye on it at this point. You're looking for a uniform, even amber color. It's going to be a translucent sort of caramel color, and it's gonna take a little time to reach that color. Remember, it has to be even. That means you cant be okay with patches of amber, you need a pool of amber lusciousness. Just swirl the pan occasionally. Once you reach the uniform amber stage, add the tablespoon of butter. It is going to fizz and foam, but dont worry, its not dangerous. Start stirring and keep on doing so till ALL the bubbles go away and you get a smooth caramel liquid. (You might want to take it off the heat and stir it after 3-4 minutes of stirring on heat). 
Now you have to work quickly. Pour the caramel sauce all over the popcorn and STIR STIR STIR. Work quickly or else the caramel will set. Make sure everything is coated and then scoop out the popcorn and press it into a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Again, work fast.  Press the popcorn neatly, and then let it cool for 5 minutes. (I didn't wait initially, and I got slivers and threads of caramel in the first bunch I ate...not bad, but not what you want in your popcorn.)
After it has cooled, break the popcorn into smaller pieces and TREAT YO' SELF!!

I hope you guys try thissss, it is so simple and lovely and addictive. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS!! Stay safe, stay happy and be kind to everyone!
Khadija :)

Update: Divergent was awesome :) You should watch it!