I am your Queen.

03:21 Khadija Muzaffar 13 Comments

18 years of procrastination? Is no joke. Hi, I'm Khadija Muzaffar, and I'll be your Queen today, tomorrow and every day after that. Especially today. Becuz I sayzz so.

Acha this was just to subtly hint that I am 18 today. It is indeed my birthday. So much for subtle. But oh well. Who cares, not meee.

In case you're wondering if I have any amazingly off-the-hook (Did I just say 'off-the-hook'??? What is this, the 80's??) plans for my birthday, the answer is yes. The answer is also a lie. My plans most probably include getting to know a New York Cheesecake. I wanna know that sucker inside out, so naturally, I will HAVE to devour it, ok?? Don't judge me, this is a very sensitive time. In two years, I will be 20. YES TWENTY ZOMGG. I feel 12, so then is it fair to call me a twenty year old? Okay, so you're NOT calling me that, but are you thinking it? Please dont :( I'm only 17. 18. I'm 18.

I can drive now. (Like, officially and legally.)

I can party hard till I die. (LOOOL AS IFFF)

I can...go study, and not blog till like, November. Yikes. Yep, that is what I will be doing. Adios my non-existent readers. Just because you dont exist, doesn't mean I don't love ya!!
Hugs, Kisses and a whole lotta prayers. We all need them. Seriously.
Later, ma niggazzz
(excuse my ghetto-ness. It's a phase, I promise.)
Khadija Muzaffar, The Eighteen Year Old.


  1. Replies
    1. Ahhh coming from you, that's a BIGG compliment, you're HILARIOUS!! Thank you :D

    2. How can I be hilarious when I haven't even updated my blog in almost a year. Sad smiley emoticon.

    3. How is it that I do not know about your blog???
      And your tweetsss. They are funnyyy. Hahahahahaha :P

    4. Here you go, brother:


      Feast your eyes on all the awkwardness.

    5. Hahahahaha okay THANK YOUUU :D
      Now i shall readdd >:) (yes yes, freaky emoticon.)

  2. Happy Birthday.

    - |-|@nD$uM p|/\|!nc3

    1. Hahaha thank you Handsome Pwince :P
      It's so infuriating not knowing who you areeee!

    2. I am the one who was staring at you. Does that ring a bell? ;)

    3. Umm LOOOL no, cuz I don't even go out bro, how could someone stare -.-

    4. OMG YES! Shittt, where's your facebook, idiot? Mine is deactivated, but yours??

    5. HAHAHAHA ab samajh ayi LOOOL :P
      Hahahahahah I feel stupid now :P

    6. Mine's deactivated too. Going faaaar away from the fame :P I miss our secret sessions. I have so much to tell you :P


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