The Happy Challenge

11:03 Khadija Muzaffar 0 Comments

HELLO 2015! I literally have just two minutes on the clock to write this, otherwise it becomes Day 2 :P
So lemme just say this. I am challenging myself to a...challenge.
THE CHALLENGE: Be nice to everyone. Be rude to no one. Think bad of no one. Positive thoughts ONLY. Pray as much as I can. 

THE DURATION: A week, for now. But then I'll just keep on extending it, till December if I can :P

THE RULES: Pretty self-explanatory. No negative thoughts. OF ANY KIND. AT ANY TIME. Be positive. And positively radiant. lelz.

Okay so I'mma run (cause its 12:02 now, so Day 2 but whatevaa).
I will keep you posted. Promise. 
Hope this year is a lovely one for all you people. Stay safe, stay rad, stay happy! 

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