Summer Bucket List

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*cue 'This Summers Gonna Hurt' by Maroon 5*
*then switch to 'While I'm Alive' by Strfkr, because I'm an indecisive duck*

Ahh, summer. Possibly my favorite season. At least it WAS till I moved to the freakin' desert. Now all I can think about is cold winds and winter rains...kind of. Anyway, in an effort to NOT waste this summer, like just about every summer of my past, I decided to finally make a small bucket list AND ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH STUFF TOO. And lo and behold, I present to you, my lazy/not so lazy bucket list :)

1. Go to the gym everyday. The gym is like five minutes away from my house so umm...
2. No more junk food...this is gonna be difficult BUT LEZZ DO IT FOR THE FAB-POINTS*
3. Learn to drive. Getting there, getting there.
4. Go on more walks with Chip. Even if its a hundred degrees outside. Even if its burning.
5. Learn to play tennis. Again, I live five minutes away from the tennis court, so yanno.
6. Print new pictures and frame them. Does anybody else forget to get their pictures printed? Damn you digital cameras :/
7. Find time to read more...and go on the internet less.
8. Have a huge waterfight. Mandatory.
9. Go to Lahore by train. omg I SO wanna do this, its been ages since I've been on a train :(
10. Paint more. Also buy yourself a new sketchbook please. Thanks.
11. Call, not text your friends more often. Because we all need to do this. 
12. Be thankful. I wanna do this every night before bed. Good form.
13. Be kind. Be nice. Even if the other person is in the wrong. Radiate positivity!

So my friends, these are my plans so far. I should probably add RETURN THOSE DAMN LIBRARY BOOKS considering its been more than a month since I borrowed them...oops?
What are your plans for summer? What do you hope to accomplish by the end of it? I'd love to hear :) 

ALSO, did you guys notice the new site layout? What do you think? Do you love it? Hate it? Can't be bothered? LET ME KNOWWW. I think it looks cleaner than the previous one, so I'm happy :) But i wanna hear what you think! Leave a comment below, okay?
Stay happy, stay kind and stay beautiful!


  1. Love the layout and bucket list esp the call one

    1. Thank youu I'm glad you like it! Haha yeah thats something we need to work on :P


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