You've Got Mail.

12:10 Khadija Muzaffar 0 Comments

Meg Ryan is such a delight. She's adorable, lively and just a happy happy person. And all of her movies are like that too. They just leave you feeling so, happy =)
I watched 'You've Got Mail' for the fiftieth time today, and I had as much fun as I did when I first saw it. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan should win the Noble Prize for Chemistry. They should indeed.
And then she's so very pretty. Beautiful, rather. And so so thin =/
And no matter what the whole world says, I like her regardless of her plastic surgery. I mean her lips look great now. Okay, so she could have chosen NOT to go for cheek augmentation, but we all make mistakes, right?
Well, I'll be off now. Cause I sure ain't 'Sleepless in Seattle' =p Or Lahore, for that matter =)
Good night, dear void.


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