Nuclear Physics and Nutella.

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Okay, so I know it's been ages, and I would like to apologize to all my (non-existent?)readers. I'm sorry. I've been busy with CIE's and exams and have had horrid stuff like Nuclear Physics to learn :( But, I shall try my best to make it up to you all. Below I've shared with you, something I made today. I present to youuu, Nutella Brownies! What makes these lush brownies stand out, is their AMAZING ganache topping, which *coughs* does not contain a single bit of Nutella :O
However, it's hard to believe the lack of that chocolaty goodness. That's because it uses something else. Something that is so easy, SO easy, you'd be shocked. Condensed Milk and chocolate. Yep, simple as that. Of course, the chocolate has to be premium quality, not the kind you commonly find all over Lahore. 

So basically you melt the chocolate and add condensed milk to it. My chocolate had chunks of praline as well, so I ended up with a beautiful nutty concoction which my sister just wouldn't stop eating :P

Above, you can see the ohsodelish glaze :')

And here are the beauties :)

As you can imagine, they were a huge hit. And I personally loved the walnuts too. Walnuts are amazing, okay? Okay.


  1. Looks great :) yuummm okay now I'm really hungry


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