New Feature ZOMG (and a little update)

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HEY! I apologize for the lack of posts, but I am spending this week in Pindi!! Yay? I didn't think so...
Anyway, I've become obsessed with the board game Pictionary. It's a bunch of laughss, I swear it is. Or as the fifth grade Khadija would say, a barrel of monkeys :P

So to pass the time here in our guest house, we play Pictionary every day. It's a great way to pass the time, and I manage to improve my vocabulary as well. For instance, all my life, I thought an 'urn' was where they churn butter. Turns out, it's a vase. I KNOW RIGHT? Where's the romance in that?! A vase? But at least I learnt it on time, before I managed to embarrass myself by telling people that I churn butter in an urn. So awk.

Okay, now the big news. The New Feature. 

So, I had been racking my brains trying to come up with the first of many regular features for Khadija Says Hi. And I just couldn't come up with any idea that was good enough. But then, keeping my new tendency to become somewhat negative and crib a lot, I decided on something that would be beneficial for me, as well as for you guys, since I think, EVERYBODY needs to see the beauty in life. 

So, I decided upon the perfect feature. Onlyyy, I'm not gonna tell you just now. No way. You guys, are gonna come back on SUNDAY and then you will see something truly amazing! Okay? I promise. It will be a perfect six :)
(Like the one below, only it's a four, but you can see the six can't you? Be positive! It's a six *wink wink* )

Lots of Positivity,

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