Lessons Learned.

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Lessons Learned. Or learnt, both are correct. Everyday I learn so much, SO MUCH, that I begin to doubt what I already know. Same goes for all of you, I'm sure. 
What beauty do these lessons remind us of? Well, the beauty of the fact that we can make mistakes, and then move on. Just like that. The beauty that we learn from our mistakes. We grow wiser and stronger and more prepared. So rounding up a few lessons I learnt:

1. Never neglect your pets. 
Okay, so I was a little busy, and maybe I didn't bathe my dogs as often as I should have...happens, right? RIGHT?! But it shouldn't. I learnt that my dogs are my responsibility, and they are living things, therefore I need to take care of them. Otherwise I'll have to sweat it and spend a whole day relieving them of ticks...yuck :(

2. Urn is a vase.
Yes well. Urns are vases. CHURN is something else. Butter is churned. And lessons are learned ;)

Probably the most important lesson. We visited the Pakistan Monument Museum this Thursday, and I could almost feel the emotions that must've been running all over during that time. We have forgotten how much effort those people put into giving us the freedom we have today. It is majorly upsetting to see how our country is taking freedom for granted.
Bottom line: The lesson is to always love your country, and stop dissing your leaders. You get the same kind of leaders as you yourself are, so that's gotta mean something right?

And there you have it. Lessons from the week. I SOOO didn't feel like writing this, but I have to be punctual y'know :P My feet hurt like crazy, because I spent the morning driving around (and walking). I almost saw Sheikh Rasheed's house. Almost. Saving that for later. Khadija's Adventures In China Market. Coming up next :)

Well, I'm off to Lahore tomorrow IA. I miss my city. And on that sad note, I shall go to sleep. Have a great week guyzzzezz.


  1. Hahaha hilarious lessons. Good work, keep learning from them =)


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