Where Does The Good Go?

11:43 Khadija Muzaffar 2 Comments

Okay, so the picture has no relation with what I'm about to write, but it's really cute, no?
So. Getting down to business with my peeps. Where does it go? Where does the good go? Once you close a chapter in your life, where does it all go? Are you supposed to keep it all with you, packed up in boxes in your mind? Don't you become a hoarder that way? After all, how many things can our mind allocate anyway?

Do you know how sometimes, when something amazing finishes, you feel broken? You want to forget it instantly, because all your life you'll be comparing everything else with it? Your standards will become too high. Critically high. You'll never find anything as good again, and nothing will seem worth it. Isn't it okay to forget sometimes? 

And what if everything you remember makes you sad, because you keep on thinking 'what if'. You keep on wondering what would have happened if you went down that road, took a risk, a chance, an adventure. But then again. Isn't life too short for adventures? Wouldn't you rather play it safe, choose a life where you know you wont get hurt, rather than be over adventurous and risk losing everything? Or is it the opposite? Is it that, because life is too short, we should take risks because we need stories no matter how twisted the results were? What if every adventure results in failure? Wouldn't it be a waste of our oh-so short life? 

Sometimes I think about questions people would ask me in the future.
Did I live a good life?
I tried my best.

Did I make mistakes?
Doesn't everyone?

Did I take risks?
No life changing ones.

Did I find love?
Love? What's that?

What sort of answers are these? They're all I could come up with :( Would I really be able to answer them with a straight face? Did I really try my best? I don't know. How can I know? I can't. Mistakes, risks, love. What the hell man? It's just life. Live it and die.
Isn't that it? Why does anyone care about anything else? Why would they? But they do. Everyone does. Everyone cares.

Where am I going with this? I don't know. I don't know where I'm going with my life. I can't make up my mind over simple things, for crying out loud, how do I make life changing decisions? How can I take risks? 

And if I do take risks. If I do choose a new path. If it turns out to be the best thing ever. Heaven on earth. Truly amazing. And then Fate takes it away. Why would I want to remember it? I wouldn't. Nobody would.
Khadija M.
PS. This was random. Would you keep memories boxed up, or would you let 'em go? Lol.
PPS. I'm sorry. 


  1. Beta, the picture is REALLY cute! However; I couldn't read what you have written becausee meray chashmay gum gyay hain :@
    However, I am sure aap ney jo bhi likha hay, bauhat he awesome huga. Because you have Never let this aapa down; no matter what!


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