Apologies to My Dear Quaid.

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Quaid-e-Azam's House In Ziarat, Balochistan.
News Just In: Quaid-e-Azam House in Ziarat, Balochistan has been blown up by Balochi Activists.

Okay, so this news is a day old. Forgive me, I've been occupied elsewhere. But due to the importance of this news, I must write about it, no matter how late I am. And I'm not that late.

This news, has probably affected me more than anything I've ever heard on TV. Because Quaid-e-Azam is more than just a hero for me. I see him as not only a visionary or a leader, but as a role model and a mentor. I admire the Quaid for everything he did, and the way he did it. I admire how honest he was, how determined and courageous he was. I admire how he made an effort, a consistent effort for something that he thought was right. Perhaps the biggest reason why Muhammad Ali Jinnah has me in awe, is that he showed me that politics does not HAVE to be a dirty game. You can be honest and straightforward, and still end up with a new country on the face of the map. And that is a truly remarkable feat. The same can be said for only a handful of politicians throughout history, sadly.

So this man. A man who was fighting tuberculosis, gave up everything to create a separate home land for us. And ironically  we are too busy laundering his efforts, or whining about those who launder to maintain the amazing gift of independence that we got. Today, we have forgotten the pain and the trouble people went through in 1947. We have it easy, because independence was given to us just like that (talking about my generation, and the previous one). We think this country is our birth-right, but we have forgotten how they had to fight for it. They sacrificed everything they owned, their houses, livestock, money, land, wealth, birthplace,and most importantly, their lives for us. So that we could have a safer place to live. A place which would be our own. They sacrificed it all for our freedom. And what do we do? Burn down their remains. Burn down a part of our history, a part of the man, due to whom today, we are no longer slaves to the British. Today, we call our selves Pakistani's and have our own identity and a country where we can do whatever, due to that legend. And today, part of that legend has been erased.

Never in my 18 years of life, have I been more ashamed of my people. Never have I been more grieved. I kid you not. This news troubled me more than a lot of important things. Our country is in dire need of education. I dare the Balochi's to separate Balochistan from Pakistan. I dare them. Let's see how they do it. Over my dead body. Over 180 million dead bodies. Not happening bro. I have faith that Allah, who protected this country for 66 years, will continue to do so. InshAllah. 

So Quaid-e-Azam. I am truly deeply humiliated today. I sincerely apologize, as do my fellow sane Pakistani's. Although it seems that way, hope is not lost. We will fight back. With every fiber of our beings. With every breath that we have. We do not need Imran Khan or anyone else. We have our Allah. IA, we will rise again.
Words fail me. 
Yours Truly,
A deeply humiliated Khadija.


  1. As fluent as you were with writing it, I know that feel bro. Deeply grieved :(

  2. rasheeda khanum17 June 2013 at 09:00

    Talented young writer! i am impressed :) and deeply saddened too :(

  3. Beta, keep it up. You have a long way to go!
    Hi Rasheeda madam :) check out my blog please and write amazing comments there too :)

  4. I feel ya bro. Japphi and pappi for Jinnah Bhai. <3 awesome uncle thay woh toh. \m/

    1. I'll send you to Bucket's office again! :P
      No disrespect when it comes to Jinnah =p


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