Perks Of Being Socially Awkward

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Huzzah! It is I, Khadija. Lord Of the Darkness. Question. What's the female form of Lord? Lordess? Lordette? OHHH. Wait. It's Lady. How boring. It's funny when you randomly forget words, no?

Speaking of words, are 'delicious' and 'tempting' on the tip of your tongues? They should be. Or else I'm not doing my job right. 

So pictured above, I have four new experiments. 
  1.  Caramelized Onion All Veggie Pizza
  2.  Pita Bread Quesadillas 
  3.  Cheese French Toast
  4.  New York Cheescake
Hehehe. I have been up to stuff, have I not? Can I just point out that the cheesecake was prolly hands down the best out of these four?! it was perfff! Better than the store-bought one I had for my birthday (Ya, wishes DO come true!) 

And I will share the how-to for all four of these, as well as my food experiences around Pindi and Isloo. Soon. Like I said, November. You know why. Don't rub it in my face. Thanks brroo. 

Today was a funny day. Except when my allergies kicked in. I mean, WHAT PERFECT TIMING. RIGHT IN THE SMACKDAB MIDDLE OF MY BIO PRACTICAL. Joy. 
It was funny tho, cause even Baba recognizes 'certain people' now :P It's cool. He's cool. He shared a laugh about it with me, cause he knows the whole story behind them, loool. 
Wait. What if they read this? LOL. If you do, then just chill bro. aint nuthn to worry bout. But it's not like my blog is supaah famous :(

Do you know what my fave veggies are? They areee:
  1. Onions (LOLVUT)
  2. Bhindaaaayyy
  3. Pohtaytoh anddd
  4. Spinachhh
Why did I tell you that? Cuz I wanna feature Bhindi on this blog too :( Next time its made, I will. Fo sho ma niggzz.
Acha yaar, scene is this, k I am really hungry. I'll go raid the fridge. And you, my lovelies, keep prayin' and keep cookin' and keep on lovin' ^_^
Loads of Loveee,


  1. Missed you! :D

  2. HAHAHAHA you and your love for Bhindi!! xD

    1. Haha you know mee :3 Whoever you are...o.o


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