Feminism and A Cake.

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Last week was a somewhat depressing week for me. I was cooped up studying bio, and had a severe (read: extremely massive) craving for something chocolate-y. So, we baked a cake. More like, mama baked it while I crammed the differences between DNA and mRNA.

Nonetheless, it was delish. It was SUPER MOIST. And when I say super, you should know that it was THE most moist cake I've ever made. (yes yes, I know, I didn't bake it, Mama did, tevz.)
Because this cake had a secret ingredient. Yogurt. Yep. Around half a cup of oil and one cup of Yogurt into your usual cake, and you will have the softest most delicious cake ever. 

Normally, we'd wait and make an icing of some sort. But I was feeling so chocolate-deprived, both cakes were finished in two days. Two frikkin' days. No icing. 

Although I don't really like icing sugar, I decided to sprinkle some on my picturesque slice. And I've got to say. It tasted pretty much the same :P So no harm done.

Apart from the cake-y aspect, people who know me well, will know that I'm pretty much a feminist. I'm aaallwaaayyss whining about how guys have it easier, and how girls have no freedom. I wont go into detail about my whines, but, I will tell you that I was really happy to read that Nigella, the Domestic Goddess  is also a feminist. Yep. She says so herself. If you're interested, you can read her 'Five rules for feminist cooking' here.

Moreover, I came across this piece of adorableness!. Wouldn't you love to be proposed like this? Watch the video at the end, and pay attention to her expressions. So much cuteness. 

And then that link, led me to this wonderful website. This woman, Aly Bellisimo is SO SO TALENTED! You can look at her brill artwork here! I wish I was as good at graphics as she is! 

Also, HEYY. Pakistan isn't devoid of talent either. I mean, pfft. Look at me! (pls don't.) So Meher; this 16 year old Blogger from Lahore has got me HOOKED to her angsty teen blog. Do give it a look, you wont be disappointed I promise!

It's lovely how the world is such a talented place. Every individual has SO MUCH TALENT. It's just up to us to hone it. We gotta look for it, no matter how cheesy that sounds. Speaking of cheese. I NEED TO GO COOK SOMETHING. I'll probz be making a delish Apple Crumble, which I will most defo be posting on the blog. I promise. I PROMISEE GEEZ.
Oh and I reactivated my ask again :3 LOOL if you guys wanna ask me something, or if you just wanna mess with me, reach me at ask.fm/khadijamuzaffar. 'Tis all for today, losers. Love you all. Keep praying for mee, and Imma pray for you. Hashtag Yolo Sweg. Okbai.
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