A Little Revamping...And We Nailed It.

10:05 Khadija Muzaffar 4 Comments

Can I tell you a secret?

I've NEVER tried the classic white-tipped French Manicure, ever. I've always thought it looks better on longer nails, and I keep mine really short, much to the annoyance of my mother. 
So I never really tried it. 

Lucky for me, the reverse manicure has been such an amazing hit. It's been seen everywhere on the runway this year, and now it has hit the streets too. 

I mean, look at these. Okay, so these are from last year, but they look AMAZING. Andd, some of them, mostly the nudes can go for this year as well. The following pictures are from the AW12 Fashion Week. Behold.

So, I only like looks 1,2 and 4. The 3rd box is a bit too much for me, and honestly, who would go to so much trouble? Not that it doesn't look tres chic. But 1,2 and 4. That is something I could defo try. I especially love how delicate and sophisticated the Fourth ones look.

Coming towards here, I LOVEEE the burgundy/oxblood ones. The metallic ones are not to my liking at all, but MAJOR ENVY for the burgundy ones. Her hands look so neat and elegant, I am in love with the nails on the left.

Oxblood is an amazing color for this Winter. Because it's a little different, and more deeper than your classic red, I think it gives the perfect amount of warmth and depth for these cold months. I've yet to find the perfect Oxblood Color, but I will start my search in a few days. Look at how warm they look.

These look AMAZING. My mother thinks they make you look older or more sober, but I love the look. 
What do you guys think? Reverse Manicure, Yay or Nay? And do you dig oxblood nails or wanna pass this one?
Do let me know!
Khadija M.
PS. In the title picture, I've used this plain old Black to spruce up the tips, while the base coat is a barely there shade by Loreal, called 'Blush It Off'

(Photos from Beaut.ie and Cup Of Jo, top photo from my Instagram.)


  1. I likes, so pretty :)

  2. okay so its going to be a really long note.alright?
    KHADIJA youre just so amazing Masha Allah.i never knew i had such a talented friend i mean seriously i am blessed to have a bandi like you!you.you're mesmerizing!
    how do you do it?iknowiknow youre gifted with all the superb qualities but then again itni saaaari qualities khair i can only envy you=)
    So i just went through your blog ,found the most amazing stuff and and i felt so good after reading all your posts and all the fantastic stuff you put up!splendid job.This blog of yours is so diverse ,includes everything,so random so fab!This is the thing i love about your blog,its diversity and oh how can i not love it i mean its written by the most adorable person on this colossal world!*_*
    So my friend keep writing keep smashing and please post something new everyday cuz i love ya blog n from now on i'd be checkin it daily.
    Love you!

    1. OMG AIMENNNN <3
      Hahahaha I just saw this right now and omggg you made my dayyy :D Thank you soo much and hahaha I don't even deserve half the stuff you saiddd omg thank you :P
      Hahaha it's people like you that keep me going Aimen, and once again thank you so much for reading this and liking it <3
      Love youuuu :*


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