Winter Challenge #1: No More Internet

05:49 Khadija Muzaffar 6 Comments

So, I can't be the only one who's a slave to the Internet, right? I mean, we all say that 'we'll only check our Facebook for a minute' or 'I just wanna check my email' and then end up staring at a dog licking our desktop. It happens to the best of us, right? (Hear that, Ma?)
Well, what I started noticing was, that there is no bigger fixie, than the Internet. I'm serious. It has crept into our lives, and planted it's claws so deep into our hearts (dare I say, souls?) that distancing ourselves from it is just not an option anymore. It's not humanly possible. Or is it?

I've decided to start this series of challenges, which basically help me attain Self-Actualization, BUT it would be great if you guys joined in as well, cause these kinda things work great as groups.

The first thing I'm challenging myself (and you peeps reading this) is No More Internet. Gasp gasp, shock shock. I know. I also know that it is JUST NOT POSSIBLE for me to completely 100% stay away from the Net, SO, what we're gonna be doing is, cutting down on our Internet Time. 

I was thinking that one hour of the internet per day SHOULD be enough. (Emphasis on should, there is no limit to the time I can spend surfin' the good old web.) So I'll choose a time of the day, probably sometime at night, so I have loads of stuff to look forward to :P And that will be the only hour I get for the day.

Let's just do this for a week, and then we'll see how things turn out, okay? It might do us good, cause I've been doing loads of soul searching lately, and have been wanting to make some changes. 

So, are you up for it? Think you can do it? Do you even WANT to do it? :P Do let me know. Good luck, and many prayers!


  1. I love you for theees; :') Buuuuut jab extremepapers kholna ho taab? :P Also, count me in!!!!

    1. Fit it in that hour na :P And I have a past paper booklet so HA :P

  2. Winter challenge #2
    Cave into winter challenge #1 and this comment is just to show that I read yo blog- zztart

    1. Hahah thankss you little tartlet youuu :P And ya, I think I nailed the second challenge :P


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