No Time Like Now

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What upp niggazz? I know its been a while, and I apologize, I really do. But I had some Very Important Exams to take which is just downright sad. BUT, I've got a leeetul free time on my hands now, so hopefully you'll be hearing a little more from me...whether you like it or not :) Or not =p

Anyway, I've been feeling sooo good all day :o It's kind of unbelievable how happy I've been these past few days. My bipolarism has reduced to a minimum, I'm not being overly distraught, and Fatima hasn't been having any problems with me...well not any major ones :P

Have you guys ever thought about how simple life actually is? No seriously, think for a minute. As a Muslim, right now, my life actually only requires two things:

  • Offer all 5 prayers
  • Be a good, kind, loving human.
That. Is. It.

That's it. Nothing else, cause I think if you take care of these two fundamental points, everything else comes to you itself. And really, how STUPID are we really, to mess up such a simple thing. Ab I know the more cynical people might get into the nitty gritties and argue that as a Muslim, we are required to do so much more and just these two points aren't enough. I get it. I do. But don't you think, if we were to be a good human, who knows the rules, knows the limits that have been set out for him, is kind and helpful to EVERYONE, loves everyone. Don't you think that person is covering everything else? Idk about you, but that's what I think. I think the simpler you keep your philosophies, the better. I think we all just need to harness the goodness that is inside of us, and it becomes that much easier. It being life, of course. 

But I'm kind of going off topic. So I was going through Facebook, and I came across this wonderful page, called 'No Time Like'. I think it's an amazing page because it promotes kindness and in fact, is all about how you can heal yourself to become a better person, and a better human being for others. It's got brilliant concepts, such as the idea of 'Paying Kindness Forward', which in essence is just doing something kind for someone, without expecting anything in return. 

For instance, in America, it's become fairly common for drive-thru customers to discover that their bill has already been paid by the car in front of them. I kid you not. How amazing is that? Check it out in this article. I think it would be lovely if this ever happened in Pakistan. We need to start this wesay, these acts of random and anonymous kindness. It would be a brilliant way to bring our much-divided community together again. I think I'll start this, make it a challenge for myself. 
Downside: People might not like it, they might object. BUT. Omg brainwave. What if at the grocery store, before leaving, I give the cashier some money and ask them to deduct it from the next perosn's bill? What do you think? Although there is a chance k it doesn't work, because we are a dishonest and ill-literate nation.

I mean to work on that too btw. I want to teach the underprivileged free of cost. And I will start, InshaAllah, when things settle down a bit. Though I have no idea how... :/

Anyway, lighter note. Here are some links around the internet, you might find them interesting. I know I did :P

Is this The World's Most Beautiful Castle? I don't know, but I sure do want it *sobs*

Bored? How about this random and somewhat useless site?

A friend sent me this sad thangg. Oh God, it's tragically beautiful.

This is such an interesting blog! They're documenting last meals :P

Speaking of which, this is another very cool blog. Very informative, and a little creepy, but interesting nonetheless. 

Well ma niggazz. Tonight the parents are going out for some official dinner thingy. So I guess it's party time for me and the sisss. Oh yeahhh *happy dance*
Hope you guys have a brilliant Saturday (what's left of it anyway :P) and an even more amazing year! Do pray for this crazy old thangg, and BE KIND TO PEOPLE!
Loads of Love,
Khadija M.

PS. I need help with some technical stuff on the blog, anybody out there who's a whizz at IT stuff?
Maybe I need a graphic designer too.... :/


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