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Hey there peeps. What up? I'm in Lahore this week and I am ECSTATIC! It feels so good to be here. As much as I love Pindi, I will always belong to Lahore :') 

Anywayyy, I was going through my Facebook newsfeed, when I came across a multitude of statuses (or should I say, statii?)about a certain trend that's raging all over Pakistan. Apparently, shops all over seem to be selling shawls, kameez shalwars and even bed linen by High End Brands such as the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Chanel. And it has been causing a lot of controversy.

See for yourself. Okay, so umm. It's pretty obvious to me that these are obviously fake. I mean, Chanel or Tory Burch don't seem to be the shalwar kameez type, you know? And honestly, I am one hundred percent okay with owning fake stuff (not that I have one of these gorgg shawls yet, they're on my wishlist though)
Basically, people have two issues.
  1. They think we are unaware that these lawns and linens are in fact, fake.
  2. They have a problem with people buying fake stuff.
Let's assess both these points one by one.
Okay. So the Lawn Trend is pretty much a huge thing in Pakistan. We all know that. We also know that regardless of the success of the lawn culture, LV and the rest won't be making linens or lawns anytime soon. Therefore we also know that what we see on shelves in the market, are F-A-K-E. Fake. We know that. We're not dumb. 

Secondly. I really hate it when people criticize others for buying fake stuff. I mean excuse me, but not all of us can afford a handbag worth eight hundred pounds. If you can, that's great, no really. Good for you. But there is no reason to thrash people for buying fake stuff. Maybe that's all they can manage. People need to stop being such perfect snobs. So, someone doesn't understand why fake LV lawns and shawls and bags are such a hit, and what's the point in them? Well we're all terribly sorry we weren't born with silver spoons in our mouths. But seriously. Let. It. Go. Be content with your originals. That's all that should matter to you.

I think our society pokes its nose into stuff in which noses aren't supposed to be poked into. Namely, beds of coal, the stove and other peoples' lives. Can we all please forget what others are doing and try to be near perfect humans ourselves?? I believe once we master this art, our nation will be one step away from success. No joke.

I normally don't talk about stuff like this on the blog, and to be very honest, I was a little apprehensive about doing this. But this is my blog. This is where I voice my thoughts. It's my space. I can go completely berserk here. Okay no. That's Tumblr.
But you get the point right?
So dear readers, please widen up your horizons, broaden your perspectives. Let the world do what the hell ever. Worry about yourself. Be good and make Momma proud!
So much love,

PS. I met Meher Bokhari near Bhera today. She wanted Lays, but they were short, apparently, the Lays factory burnt down. LOLZ.

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