Roundups and Gems.

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Such a funny picture, this. And yet another week without a post...don't look at me. Blame education. Ok thanks.

So let's just roundup this week, and look at gems from the internet, shall we?
I went to the Islamabad Zoo this week, after SO LONG. I think it's called The Margalla Zoo, but whatevs. I think the last time I went there, I must've been what, eight? So long ago. It sure isn't anywhere near as amazing as the lovely Lahore Zoo (I mean, no lions!!)but I did meet this little fella who I christened Cassie. (It's gender is a bit of an ambiguity.)

Isn't it just about the cutest thing you've ever seen? Like, for realsss? Although the zoo lacked in the animal department, the place itself was really pretty. Very picturesque. 

Also, we took the dogs to the Vet this Thursday. THEY HAVE SO MANY DOGS OMGGG. Over 400 dogs to be precise. The vet had light blue eyes and he wasn't even a pathan. How is that fair?? Anyway, I saw all the dogs, nearly lost my ears cause of all that barking, but dem dogs <3 
The vet kept asking me to guess the dogs breed and LITERALLY the only two answers I could come up with were 'German Shepherd' and 'Alsatian'. And then he said 'Bass yehi dou breeds ati hain apko?' And I was like AWKWARD. So much for being a dog lover.

Anyway. Moving on. I found out that my chemistry sir, who I so confidently thought to be Urdu Speaking, is actually a pathan. I MEAN WHAAATT. I was SO sure that he was Urdu Speaking. SO SO sure. Am I supposed to put a picture of him here? Ok no.

So my half-adopted cat. So adorbz. My other half, Minahel has a very similar picture of our kitty cat on her page check it outss. I thought I'd do something similar too, except my insecurities kicked in. So I'll just show you a picture of Her Cuteness. 
Minzie's h@wt feet and my kitty love.
ISN'T SHE LOVELY? ISN'T SHE NICE?? (Don't you dare correct my lyrics, I know it's Wonderful.) Anyway. Mama said NO. No Khadija. You cannot bring a cat into this household. I forbid it. By all accounts, I forbid it. 
Much drama. Such exaggerate. 

My Sis G started blogging in, thank God. She did this post on our friend Haider Khan, which I found amazingly hilarious. She wants to change her blog's name, so if you have any ideas PLEASE DO HELP. I told her to go for 'Can I get a Woop Woop?' and she was like. No. #sedlyf

That is kind of pretty much it, if you miss out on the fact that my desire for a thigh gap is quickly being taken over by those amazingly soft gulaabjamanzz my khaalu brought over yesterday. Exercise whatt? Thigh gap wheree? I'm losing it peeps. I need motivation again. 


1. Scroll down AND LOOK AT THAT CAT!! Are all cats like that??

2. How good does this Chocolate Pudding look? Answer: Pretty damn good.

3. Made me laugh.

4. On my wishlist :P

5. These nails are everythinggggg.

6. I'm in love with this blog!

7. Does this mean there are chances of them getting back together?? Please say yes.

Sigh. That is it guise. Dass life. I need very very happy songs. If you have any suggestions, please do tell. Love you loads. Remember me in your prayuzzz. Ok thanks.


  1. Hey lady!how are you doing ? Just wanted to remind you of one of your biggest craziest fan o!o!o! I'm here;)
    Do I have to tell you that you're superb wait that's quite lucid!
    Anyhow meri blogger I love you you're so ridiculously amazin and yes if I ever wanted someone to write my life's achievement or my biography you know whose that gona be *fingers pointing at Dija*
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hahahaha AIMENN OMG YAARR :D You always make my day :') I love youuu! I gave you a special mention in one of my blog posts too ^_^ Thank you sooo muchh, and yess I would LOVE to do that :D Do something amazing now so that I can get to work :')


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