On Hiatus :(

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Well this is awkward. It's been a month. Well, almost. I've been away for a month!! HOW?? More importantly, why?
Idk man.
Sometimes, you need a break. Sometimes, you don't know you need a break, but the universe gives you one anyway. Sometimes, you get caught up in weddings and academics and food. Oh that food <3 
Basically, sometimes you get a break. And you shouldn't turn it down.

Anyway. I spent this month studying....yeah okay I'm lying. I ate. And partied. And read (1) book. (which is sad). Watched (0) new movies. Caught up with (0) tv shows. In short: Internet.
I kid you not, the only words I've been saying to myself for the past week before going to bed each day, were 'The internet is ruining my life.'
Can I please challenge myself to no internet again? Please?

Okay you think about that while I'll show you the one worthwhile thing I did during my hiatus. I decided to go all out and FINALLY make homemade pasta!
Honestly. It was easy peasy lemon squeezy. Except for all the rolling. Mannn that rolling. I'm pretty sure it'd constitute as a full fledged arm workout. You think you're done, but the thing is, your dough needs to rolled out till it's paper thin. It becomes almost translucent, it's that thin! Boy was I tired by the end. 

It's not very visible here, but you could actually see
 the markings on the rolling pin!

But let me say this. It is sooo very worthwhile. The next steps were fairly simple. I followed a recipe from Joy, but I cut it in half cause I didn't want too much pasta. (Good thing too, cause as it is I had leftover pasta!) Joy sliced up her rectangle of pasta dough, but it seemed somewhat tedious to me, and the chances of messing up were higher (cuz uneven lines, duh.) So I did what we do with cinnamon rolls. Dusted the dough with flour, and rolled it up, and then sliced the rolled up dough. All I had to do then was open up the swirls and yayyy! You can slice them upto whatever thickness you want, you can make spaghetti or even lasagna sheets! It's insane! 

Beautiful Fettuccine <3

I had read previously that homemade noodles take hardly anytime to cook, and I found this to be very true. These babies are quick to boil, as compared to the store bought noodles. 

The recipe said not to rinse after draining off the water, so I just added a teaspoon of oil so they wouldn't stick. I love love LOVE simple minimalist pasta, so I don't really go for a lot of stuff in it. Just a simple tomato sauce, a generous sprinkling of sesame seeds and loadsssss of cheese, and it's show time!

It felt so rewarding having something that you made entirely from scratch. It also went to show me that making pasta is no hard work at all. But I'm thinking of investing in a pasta maker. That way I can skip out on all the rolling and cutting, thus making my job easier still. next up: Chocolate Croissants! 

Sighh. I wish we could get fat without eating. Eat without getting fat. Hem hem. 

In other news, I've been experimenting with eye kohl. Previously I used to be against it cause I thought it made my eyes look small and idk....not-so-classy. (Dare I say paindu?)Butttt, if done right, they can look soooo darn fabulous. So Imma do that tonight when I go out!

I promise I'll try to be a better blogger (thats like, what, the third time I'm saying that here? :P) Please try to love me :/
Till then my lovelies, be good and pray for this lovely slab of cheesecake. Yes I called myself a cheesecake. No I'm not crazy.
Khadija The Cheesecake.


  1. That pasta looks delicious. *_* Food! <3
    Oh, and yep, I love you, worry not. Now, where must we go to eat to celebrate this new beginning? :D

    1. FOOD <3 Hahaha omg thank youu, you are too kind :') Oh man, anywhere will do haha :P


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