Style Focus: Natalie Suarez

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This is the part where I say hi to you. Then I apologize for being an inconsistent blogger. Then I blame education while you people nod your head in sympathy and forgive me. This is that part. We cool? Good. 

Okay, so an ancient proverb from Twitter goes like this:
All crushes ever do, is crush your soul into smithereens.
So okay, we get it. Crushes are bad. Carbs are worse. But hey, nobody said anything about Girl Crushes. Which is why i have loadssss. The biggest is obviously Miranda Kerr, but I just found my girl crush number two in the gorgeous form of Natalie Suarez.

Natalie is a 23 year old fashion blogger/model. She runs her gorgeous blog, Natalie Off Duty, which is all about life, fashion and her to dieeee for off duty style. She basically collects all things vintage, and then adds a few high end pieces which results in the most ridiculously gorgeous outfits. 

I guess her trademark look is any kind of a hat, and an oversized coat and suede ankle boots. She's half Chinese, half Spanish, which i find insanely cool. And I love love LOVE her bangs! She says she's had them since forever, and I can understand why, because she looks amazing. Have a look at these adorable pictures and then see what I mean. She's so brilliant!

See what I mean? She's just absolutely gorgeous and sooo stylish! And she's someone I definitely look up to, in terms of feeling good about yourself, because that's the sort of image she portrays. 
Anywho, I'd best be leaving now. Will keep you updated, hopefully :P Enjoy your life, my lovelies!
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