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Hey theyurr. Whaddup? How's life been treating you guys? It's going as well as it can over here :P
So, I've been spending a leetol too much time on the tres addictive yet highly stupid website Basically people ask you stuff anonymously, and you get to spill you heart out to quaint. Anyway, one of the most popular question I've seen on it is 'Suggest some good songs plxxzzxcs.' And well, i thought, hey why not do a post on this. Cause i pretty much have a new playlist every other week. So lezz do this, kay?

This week I explored into my favorite genre, Indie Rock. I also faffed around a genre I didn't particularly like, but found to be pretty good; Metal/Rock. I'm wondering if I'll be converted to Country next :/

Here's a list of songs I am LOVING right now.

  1. 'This Wont End Quietly' by We The Committee I haven't been able to download this song but HEART HEART HEART!!
  2. 'Taro' by Alt-J is suchh a lovely mellow song, apparently I had heard 'Tessellate' by them too, but Taro is brilliant.
  3. 'Run' by Vampire Weekend is such a fun song, it sounds very colorful :P Don't ask how..
  4. 'White Winter Hymnal' by Fleet Foxes has such a christmas-y vibe to it. (Am I supposed to be describing the songs tho?)
  5. 'Keep Your Head Up' by Ben Howard is suchh a lovely hopeful sa gana/song. Lelz.
  6. 'Out of My League' by Fitz and The Tantrums suchh an amazing song that reminds me of the 60's
  7. 'Phoenix' and 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark' by Fall Out Boy JESUS thats a long title. But very high energy songs, both of them. Luvluvluv.
  8. 'Broken' by Jake Bugg this is such a sad type song :( Jake Bugg is only nineteen btw. He is also Cara Delevingne's fraand.
  9. 'A Rose for Epona' by Eluveitie As with most of the songs other people suggest I did not like this AT ALL initally, but I must say it's an amazing song.
  10. 'Born to Rise' and 'Comeback' by Redlight King This band/person (???) reminds me of a grown up, more Rock-ish Imagine Dragons. Luvluvluv.
  11. 'A Tout Le Monde' by Megadeth I love how this song's chorus is in French. Also, Megadeth is fun to say.
  12. 'Believer' by American Authors this is such a peppy song <3
  13. 'New Slang' by The Shins this song tho *_*
  14. 'Sunrise' by Yeasayer haha gotta love psychadelic indie pop. Plus amaze beats. Good song.
  15. I loveee Arctic Monkeys, and 'I Wanna Be Yours' is amazing!

    These are basically the songs I'm listening to aaj kal, the most recent ones being on top. I also made a rainy day playlist called Precipitation Anticipation. It has three songs, which are basically instrumentals, the songs being:
    1. Giamonios by Eluveitie
    2. Isara by Eluvietie
    3. Intro x Rainy Mood, mainly by The xx
    All three songs have the sound of rainfall and thunder in them, and that is one of my FAVORITE sounds. The melodies are so calming and relazing, and I mean, who doesn't like Irish music?

    Well. Well well well. WHALE WHALE WHALE. I WHALEY appreciate you still reading this. I like playlisting, I think it's gonna be a regular feature. Stay cool peeps. PRAY FOR YOUR COUNTRY, THIS IS NOT A JOKE. SERIOUSLY. PRAY!
    Loads of love bbycaks,
    Khadija Rassgulla (vut)


    1. God bless you, Khadija! :P

    2. Haha That was a funky post. I really love your blog, and I'm going to break through exam nerves by trying out the Irish music. Irish music! Who knew?! :3

      1. Hahaha thank you soo muchh :') I knoww rightt? Woh bhi Irish metal *_* Haha I haven't blogged in such a long time tho :/

    3. this was supposed to be a regular featuree :/

      1. I was JUST going to do another ONE DAY before you said this omg :P


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