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Hello there. Is anybody home? Wait, am I still in charge of this place? IS THIS STILL MY BLOG? Do you even remember me? :/
I think the only consistent thing in my series of tragic blogging, is me joking about my inconsistency. Every single post so far. I think. Kind of. Wait what.

SO I have a physics exam tomorrow. And I am chilling on blogger, which I haven't opened in forever. I use tumblr now. A lot :P Not like you care u_u 

Anyway, WOW. A Levels is almost over. Like, I'm done with bio...for now. (Cause I mean, medicine is basically just a whole lot of bio, right?) SPEAKING OF WHICH. Oh my. Time sure does fly. I remember in eighth grade, Minahel gave me an autograph which said 'I hope you become a kick-ass singer/dentist'....yeah. That was the plan at the time. Dentistry, and a career in singing. Tres normal. But now I don't wanna go anywhere near dentistry, and I don't think anyone would let me sing...or that I COULD sing. Nuh uh. I seem to have lost all my confidence somewhere. I'm working on regaining that though. I'm also trying to loosen up and chill. We all die in the end, so nothing really meee *breaks out into 'Bohemian Rhapsody'* 

It's 2 AM, and I'm awfully chirpy and happy for this time. Usually this is when I'm having panic attacks and break downs :p Ah well, not that I'm complaining. I'll try to pick back up on this blog. For reals. Stay happy, my darlings.
Khadija M.
PS: I feel like changing my layout to a much simpler one :/
PPS: This is my 50th post. YAYYY.

(Top Photo from Gemma Correll, who is just brilliant.)


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