Summer '14

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Ahh. Partying hard seems like a very distant dream nowadays :/ So I got done with my CIEs two days ago, and already I have been shipped off to The Land of Entrance Test Preparation :/ And let me tell you this, BOY DOES THAT LAND SUCK. Five hour long classes, seven days a week? I'm pretty sure that qualifies as some form of torture, no?

But oh well, I'm not the first one to go through all of this, others have done it before me, haven't they? I guess once I get into Med School (!!!) I'll just look back at this phase and laugh....mostly because it would seem easier than easy as compared to the rut of med school...wait a minute. This was supposed to be a happy, optimistic post </3

Did you guys listen to Coldplay's new album? I did, and I liked how it had an Indie vibe to it. The only song I really like however, was Magic. Give it a listen. Also, I found out today that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin had a little something going on :O I have two questions:
1) Were they married, and
2) Was I living under a rock or something??

Seriously though. So much I need to catch up on. But I'm feeling too lazy to catch up on movies and shows, so maybe I'll just stick to books. Welp, time to go do some entry test jazz :/ WISH ME LUCK MY IMAGINARY NIGGA'S!
Lots of Love,

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