Should The Prime Minister Resign?

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Okay, so before I proceed, let me make two things clear:

1. I'm not all that fond of our current Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif. In fact, the feelings I hold for him probably reside in the "immense dislike" area. Because seriously, what is up with the stuffed lions at your Raiwind house? Isn't that taking things a little too far? :s

2. I'm not particularly fond of Imran Khan either. I mean okay, I get it, he's the least corrupt politician, BUT OMG CAN YOU STOP ACTING LIKE HE'S A GOD, SENT FROM THE HEAVENS ABOVE? Jesus Christ (ya I'm saying that now)possibly one of the main reasons I dislike Imran Khan is because of the PTI 'Tigers and Tigresses' (what even) who constantly pine over him, and threaten to stab you fifty five times if you so much as hint at your dislike for Immy Kay. Y'all be cray-cray.

That being said, I do believe that the PM should not, under any circumstance, resign. Agreed, he is corrupt, and more-or-less incompetent, but hey, I have my reasons! See, I think, if he were to resign right now, it would set a very bad and extremely dangerous example for the future, and it could jeopardize any government, no matter how honest and true.

Imagine this. Nawaz Sharif DOES resign. People all over the country rejoice. Insafians think 'Holy Cow, we sat our butts down in D-Chowk for a month AND IT WORKED! He resigned!' 
Now flash forward to ten years later, where a new, and possibly better government is in power. But their opponents/people with a hidden agenda/random sadists aren't happy. Oh no, they want this govt. outta here, and they know how to GET them out. All they have to do is pack some lunch, and station themselves at some sensitive area,(like idk, in front of the Parliament maybe?) and threaten to stay there until the PM/President/Whoever-they-want resigns. And in approximately thirty days, their conditions will be met, because lawdy lawd, nobody likes a dharna, and also, it seemed to work for Imran Khan, so yeah, why not?

Why not? THIS IS WHY NOT! Dude no, are you crazy? This is a stupid idea, and I'm surprised that if an 18 year old can think of this, why can't anyone else? I'm not a politician (yet), but I sure as hell know it can never do any good to be this rigid and inflexible in your demands. So I think that, regardless of my immense dislike for Nawaz Brutha, he shouldn't resign. What do you think? Should he, or should he not? Do let me know, I'd love to hear your feedback :)
Khadija the slightly controversial Muzaffar

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  1. yes you are right and nawaz should not resign. I think Imran bhai is creating a hell for future of pakistan.


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