Why Rain Smells So Dang Good.

10:39 Khadija Muzaffar 0 Comments

It's been raining here for quite some time now. I mean, not that I mind, I love the sound and smell of rain, but really, it's beginning to mess with my plans :( As are TuQ and Immy K. I mean jesus, get out of Islamabad already. But nooo.

Anyway, apparently, the smell of rain is called Petrichor. The more you know, right? I don't know about you people, but I love the smell of rain. Not as much as the sound, but pretty near it. Interesting fact, according to this article, the smell of rain is associated with three things; Oils released by plants when it rains, chemicals released by bacteria called actinomycetes, and the third is the splitting of atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen, and their recombining to form Ozone, which has a surprisingly pleasant taste. 

Another intriguing belief is that the reason that some people like the smell of rain is that they inherited this trait from their ancestors who used to use the rain to survive. Pretty cool. Oh and sorry for the delay :p I'll be back now :3

(Image Source: This. Sadly, I do not own a cat.)


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