DIY Golden Leaf Hairband

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Bonjour ma petit croissants! I apologize for being missing, but I was away and was a little busy with other stuff BUT I AM BACK. Okay, so a while back, I read an article about a beautiful AF accessory; a golden leaf hairband! It was love at first sight :') A very very short lived love, since I soon discovered that my country was going through The Great Golden Leaf Hairband the 1930 one, but only golden and fabulous. 

That was very disappointing, since they look SO DARN PRETTY :(
BUT. A trip to my local bookstore led to a brain wave/storm/other forces of nature. I spotted this lovely golden sheet thing, and I thought, WHY NOT MAKE MY OWN HAIRBAND?? 

Now honestly, this might be slightly labour intensive, but its nothing major. I mean, if you can't cut and paste things (IRL), then what kind of a child were you?? Anyway, here I'm showing you how you can make one for yourself! Follow along :)

Basically, this is all you need. OH AND I FORGOT TO MENTION YOU NEED GOLDEN PAPER TOO. LIKE DUH. Thats the main thing, Khadija, what are you even doing??

Okay so just keep cutting till you have at least 30-40 leaves. *Draw rows of leaves and then just cut them in a scalloped manner. Ya get?

The pencil doesn't show, but it does leave lines, which is what we want, since this makes the leaves LOOK like leaves, not some random oblonged shape thingies.

 I circled the glue dot so you could see where I put it. I would advise putting the glue on the lower side of the leaf, because thats the base, and it needs to be very secure.

Stick leaf 1 in place, and then put a dot of glue on it. Place leaf 2 on the dot of glue. Place leaf 3 in such a way that the lower ends of the leaf shouldn't be seen.

Do this for the entire length of the leaf till there's no space left. If you need more leaves, just cut them out.

I would recomend leaving the hairband overnight so that the glue dries completely and the leaves don't fall off. Also, since it's basically chart paper (which is stiff), sometimes, poorly glued leaves might fall off. I've only had that issue 2 times, but it can be easily solved by glueing the leaves back. All it takes is some liquid glue. 

I hope that you try this out for yourself, and let me know what you guys think :) I would love to know if you'd wear something like this or not? Stay safe, stay rad, stay happy!


  1. Wow this is so cool ! (Y)

  2. Croissants though :p.. great for cosplays :D especially if I were to cosplay as a roman emperor with the toga and all, that ain't actually a bad idea :D .. #twincon2k15

    1. Hahaha Sarim! HAAN TWINCON YESS. Please tell me its happening! And thanksss :D

  3. This was great. You should write more, deeju. You're good at it.

    1. Thank you Umar Bhai :D I'll definitely try to :)

  4. Will def try these:D AWESOME:D

    1. Thank you :D I hope you do! Do show me if you do :)

  5. Nice~~ thnks for sharing such simple yet creative idea..will try this.. (*-*)


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