Lawn Frenzy: Sapphire Lawn Collection 2015

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People, Lawn Season has officially begun! Although I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that, let the scorching heat do its own talking :p Not to mention The Crazy Aunty Parade, according to whom all lifeforms will end if they don't get THAT PARTICULAR suit. (Seriously, I have heard CRAZY stories o_o)
Before I begin, I feel I should probably put this out there that the lawn in question is the cloth material thingy, not in fact, a field of grass (as in the misleading yet slightly clever picture above). Ya get? Okay good.

So, Sapphire Lawn is another brain child of the talented Khadija Shah. Let me just say Khadija S. did a wonderful job this time with Elan....who am I kidding, she does wonders EVERY single time. This year was no exception. She put up wonderful designs for Elan. Let me show you a few. 

(Image source: Karachista)

(Image Source: Karachista)
(Image Source: Karachista)
So as you can see, the collection is really beautiful with bold, vibrant colors and a touch of class and sophistication as well :) However, since it is such a coveted brand, and so highly sought after, it sells out LIKE FIRE. There are very limited pieces in supply, and you can buy them online HERE. 

In case you missed out on this gorgeousness, don't worry because Khadija Shah has something else for you. Yesterday in Karachi, launched the relatively newer Sapphire Lawn, which is another brainchild of KS, so you can expect it to be awesome! It's Lahore Launch is expected to be a month later, but all good things come to those who wait, right? :p Here are a few of the pieces featured in this collection:

Wisteria Blossom

Vintage Rococco

Rose Garden

Indian Summer
Aren't they just fabulous? And the best part is; they are VERY reasonably priced! Prices start from Rs 2600, so be sure to get yourself some! You can view the complete catalog HERE! Sapphire Lawn is available at Dolmen Mall, Clifton for people in Karachi. 

Do let me know how you liked these collections, and out of all the lawn brands launched this year, which one was your favorite? :)

(Sapphire Lawn Images Courtesy: Siddy Says)


  1. elan is good because its not too over the other lawns......good one

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