Very Sad News (about my favorite celebrity couple)

08:05 Khadija Muzaffar 2 Comments

Just as I was coming to term with Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr's divorce (which took place 3 years ago....) I had to face something even more devastating....EMMA STONE AND ANDREW GARFIELD ARE DUNZO T_T 
I know, its horrible, right? Weren't they the funniest, weirdest most adorable couple ever? Weren't they just perfect? Oh how am I supposed to believe in anything ever again when all the good couples keep breaking up :'( 

Look at how cute they are. No excuses. You must look. No really. I'm serious. 

(Image courtesy: Daily Mail)

(Image Courtesy: E-online)

Oh future bae of mine, just look at how they look at each other and take notes :/ And then look at me with a look that says 'u mad bro?' ok thnx.

(Image Courtesy: Fanpop)

Oh be still my beating heart <|3 THEY LOOK SO HAPPY WHY DID THEY BREAK UP AND MAKE ME UNHAPPY?? WHY? WHY DONT THEY LOVE ME ANYMORE? Uhh I mean each other. Totally meant each other...

Anyway, apparently the reason for the parting of ways was that Andrew was in 'a dark place' (geez andrew, just turn the damn light on) and they had 'work commitment something'. pfft.
There was also a rumor that Andrew might have cheated on Ems, but I highly doubt it cause that rumor came from which is a HIGHLY unreliable website. 

So thats that. If anyone else is planning to break up, please do it now, I dont think i can handle any more power couples going kaput anymore :/ 
If you need me, I'll be crying/eating unhealthy amounts of chocolate icecream. 

Stay happy and stay safe AND ALWAYS BE POSITIVE. (Ironic, considering all of what i just wrote above :p) 


  1. HEart-broken :( They shouldn't have. Oh they shudn't haveee </3

    1. I agreeeeee :/ They were so adorable omg T_T


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