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After a long long hiatus, I am back. I'd been super busy with school, and missing my family and my darling dogs, but once the semester ended and I came back to the familiarity and comfort of my house and family, I felt like visiting this old haunt again. So in this post, I wont say much, except to tell you that Sadiq Garh Palace is a beautifully tragic place to visit. This fading gem is located in the small town of Dera Nawab Sahab, in the Bahawalpur State. Once a place of the highest grandeur, it now stands alone and forgotten, almost in ruins. Just a reminder to never take anything for granted, I guess. But I won't lie and say my heart didn't break when I saw this magnificent beauty, because it did. Everything was rusting and fading and breaking away. Every embellishment had been pried off ages ago, so much so that in some places even the tiles and the wallpaper had been stolen. Where there were once huge crystal chandeliers imported from Belgium, there now swayed frayed rope. This was a place where Queen Victoria once stayed, and now only ghosts of a forgotten past roamed the halls. If this is not pain itself, I do not know what it is.

To finish off this post, here's what came out of me dabbling (rather poorly) in Photoshop for the first time today. Et voila. Stay happy and kind and safe!


  1. These photos are BEAUTIFUL, girl! Love, love, love. <3


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