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A Cup of Jo. The best :')
Four days left. Four days till my dreaded CIE's. Yikes. But to take a break from the oh so very tedious Organic Chemistry, I thought I would come running to my humble blog. I thought I'd share with you, one of my favourite blogs. A blog, which actually was the core inspiration behind this one. I present to you A Cup Of Jo. Run by blogger and magazine writer Joanna Goddard, this blog happens to the first blog I ever actually enjoyed :P Previously, the concept of blogs used to bore me, but this is one blog I scour EVERY day.
There's so much different stuff to see. From her adorable son Toby, to her wide range of delightful topics with wonderfully taken pictures (I'm a photo-junkie too =p) this blog is one of the best the web has to offer.
I am seriously in love with their hair tutorials, because they are just so darn easy, and look so effortlessly beautiful.
Well. That is pretty much all I have to say. Do visit A Cup Of Jo. I promise you, you won't be disappointed. Other than that, I had better get back to Chemistry :(
See you guys in a while. Wish me luck :D
Khadija M.

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