Oh for the love of Kerr!

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The gorgeous Miranda :')

Miranda Kerr has to be my all-time favourite model. She is simply stunning, so it's hard not to like her. It's hard to believe she's 30. I know, right? I mean, at almost 18, I look like a potato, and she's gorgeous as ever at 30. Plus, she has a two-year old son as well. Oh, and did I mention Orlando Bloom is her husband? Yeah, the pangs of jealousy kick right in don't they? I've been obsessing over her for two months now, and I adore her even more. AMAZING wardrobe. But then again, a Victoria's Secret Angel would surely know how to dress, right? 

She's 5'7 though. Which is pretty tall. I was telling my mother that I wanted to be 5'9, and she started freaking out, saying I'll never find a husband that way. Hahaha I love how desi moms ending up worrying about rishta's every chance they get :P
(Btw this made me laugh. Apparently, this is every mothers' catchphrase =p)

So, Miranda ended her contract with Victoria's Secret. Good for her, she should focus on Flynn, her adorb son. 


Look at how cute the two look. Man, I'd love to look like her, andd to have a son as cute as Flynn :')
Oh, and coincidently, my CIE's are going as well as CIE's can be expected to go. Yeah. Today was Bio. What is cold denaturation? COLD denaturation? Hello? I know. My thoughts exactly
Well, I think I'll go eat something now. I'm starving =p

Oh, and here's a really cool website that allows you to write and stuff, and I particularly like it, because of it's cool lab type green font :P

So enjoy :P
Have a great week!
Khadija M.


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