How to get A Universe.

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So. CIEs going on bro. For those of you who don't know, CIEs are Cambridge International Examinations. A Levels. That kinda stuff. And boy is everyone going crazy. Not. Even I'm not going crazy. Or maybe we ARE going crazy, but because everyone else is too, it seems normal. Typing instead of  (I kid you not), yep, we're losing it.

Not to forget, the scorching heat. Lahore is experiencing a megaaa heatwave. 47 degrees. Imma die. It's like, Lahore is directly under the sun. Not cool. Why do they make us go to school in such extreme weather? It's pure torture. Of course, for some of us, there is no choice. We are slaves to the education standards set by the British, and therefore, we must go to school, come rain or shine. And this shine is oh so very dazzling. My eyes hurt. Everyone's eyes hurt. I think.

It's annoying, you know. My sister is watching The Great Gatsby today with a couple of family friends. What am I doing? Sitting at home, learning the difference between atrial systole and ventricular systole. Okay, so I'm writing a blog post. But you get what I mean, right? Education is ruining my childhood. Some of you (including my better self) will argue that education is, in fact sculpturing your better future, and I agree. It is. But couldn't it be more...lenient? Carefree? Relaxing?

Sigh. Excuse my pointlessness. Blame the heat. Or the excessive (not) studying. So I was supposed to tell you how to get A Universe. What do I mean by A Universe? Well, here in A Levels, (basically CIEs) our grades go from A*-U. (A* being the highest, and U being the lowest) So if A star, (A*) is the best, only A Universe could be better. So I hope everyone giving CIEs gets A Universe. And no, I don't mean a U. I mean a grade infinitely better than A*. A Star.
Yes I am confusing everyone including myself. No I do not care. 
Anyway how to get it? Well for starters, don't write blog posts, or listen to guitar tunes your friends made, or stalk people...Seriously. Don't. Just study your butts off, or study until you see yourself balancing equations in your dreams (again, no joke.) And keep the faith alive. Pray a lot. Pray for me too. I surely need it with the pace I'm going at!
Have fun while I study the human heart and Organic Chem. :|


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