Waiting For The Karma Truck...or any truck for that matter.

08:57 Khadija Muzaffar 2 Comments

Okay. So it seems that we spend all our life waiting for something. We wait the whole week for Friday, the whole year for Summer and our whole life for happiness, love, contentment. Everyday we wake up with the hope of finding something from our never-ending list of desires. We hope to cross it off, and then chase something new. We are entangled in a web of our own desires. We're helpless. We can't get out. After all. We're only human.

I am waiting for a lot of stuff. Waiting for the weather to get more pleasant. Waiting for my sister to come home. Waiting for dinner to get ready. Waiting for friends to come online, my grades, internship acceptance letters. I'm waiting every second of every day. Sometimes, it seems like all I do is wait. But then, can we do anything else? Do we have any other option? Can we do anything but wait? Apart from praying of course. We can always pray. I was reading this quote somewhere which went likeee "Destiny is pre-written, but prayers can make it re-written."
That gave me hope. You know? K even if something has been decided, you can get what you want if you pray hard enough. So maybe there is hope. For all of us. Even those who have given up on everything because things weren't going right. 

Where am I going with this? I don't know. Maybe I was feeling down. Maybe I was beating myself up over being such a bad person. Maybe I was just tired. I thought I'd always post happy posts. Like you know cheerful joyous random stuff. But sometimes, you just gotta be a Manhoos Billi. Sorry.

Anyway. At the moment. I'm waiting for food. It's been long enough. Should be done by now :P

So while I nag my mother about how long she takes to cook a decent meal (I'll be dead by tonight =p), you keep on waiting for your truckload of desires. And keep praying. And remember me in your prayers too.


  1. Nice blog, came across it by accident...keep it up.
    And dont worry, u will get whatever u r waiting for.. :D


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