Oh The Places You Will Go ♫

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Yes, well, the seemingly juvenile title was a poem I wrote in fourth grade. So apt. It went something like this:

Oh the places you will go, the places you will go,
To get some money,
To get some honey.

Yeah. That's pretty much it. Now my poetry has grown to a whole new level. Seriously, it's one of the few things I'm proud of. Maybe I'll do a post on poetry sometime soon. Right now, I'm just talking about my life as an army brat.

Yes, I am an army brat. Well not exactly 'brat' but calling myself an 'army baby' would hardly seem appropriate, so brat it is. Lahore would be the 7th place I'm living in, I think :P This school is my ninth. I'm on my way to my tenth school people :D
Yep, moving to Islamabad. Sometime during the Summers. I'm a little excited, but slightly nervous as well. I don't want to move, but you know what they say about the winds of change. It's okay if you don't, because I don't know either. But change MIGHT be good, I guess. Except that I love Lahore. Lahore is magnificent. I should do a post just about Lahore. And I will. Just not now.

I've lived in:

  1. Pindi
  2. Gujranwala
  3. Quetta
  4. Again, Pindi
  5. Peshawar
  6. Multan
  7. Kharian
  8. Lahore
Yep, so eight places actually. Hello number nine. Please be good to me.

On a lighter note, even though that wasn't really heavy, check this out. Have you ever posted a funny question?

Have a good day =)



    1. Omgg, can't beleive it, I KNEW I was forgetting somethinggg :P Updating it as we speakk :P


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