Viva l'Italia

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Italy :')

So a friend of mine is going to Italy for the Summers. How cool is that? Italy is so pretty. It's definitely in my list of places to visit. I'd specially love to visit those little road site cafe's, they look so adorable :') Come to think of it, I'd love to visit road side cafe's anywhere, especially Europe. I have this strange fascination with Europe. I want to visit Dijon so badlyyy. I want to try their mustard and ohh. It is sad :(
Also, I'm treating this five day break like the summer vacations. I need to remind myself that I have a Bio Practical on Tuesday. Yikes indeed. I like microscopy, it's just the stage micrometer/microscope scale thingy that confuses me. But I don't suppose you care. It's sad really, we spent so much time on microscopy, and all we learnt is that our teacher looks like the One Pound Fish Man. Haha. True story.

Anyway, in the spirit of Italy, I decided to spurge my feelings of wanderlust on pizza. And so I made pizza. A very beautiful un-Italian Pizza, which was no where near thin crust, but that's okay cause it was delicious. Looky.

Before =p

 Nonetheless, we had to stop and take pictures. I mean for us (my sister and I) not taking pictures is a crime. And I am very excited to announce that MY NEW CAMERA ARRIVES SOON!! Oh I can't wait to take loads of amazing pictures with that baby. Anyway. The picture above is how it looked right before going into the oven (obviously =p) The one below, is right after it came out. You have no idea how hard it was to get my sister to let me take a few pictures before we ate. She can be very stubborn when it comes to food.


Ah well. Here it is. Not Italian in the least. But who cares. Food is food. And good food is all the more welcome. No need to say it was amazing. It really was. 
I've been browsing this really cool food blog called Joy The Baker. (I'm not providing links, because I want all the attention to myself, hahaha. Yes I'm being mean. Get over it.) So I realized how humble my photo's were in comparison to theirs. Although, in my defence, I do not have my aforementioned awesome camera yet. So yes. Mine are okay too, considering their humble origin. Origin is not the appropriate word, but whatever.
Also, humble origin reminds me. We gave away our former awesome camera (it was no DSLR but you would be surprised by it's resolution) and in exchange we got a not so awesome camera. That makes US insanely awesome. Hahaha. We were actually making way for our awesome new camera, but it got delayed for some reason.
But I was supposed to be talking about Italy. Not the tragic love story of my cameras and I.

So. Well. Italy is beautiful. There's this really amazing page on Facebook, Amazing Things In The World. It really is a page to like. AMAZING photo's. The world is so beautiful. And there are so many amazing creatures and places that we don't even know about.
Lifetime Goal: Travel the world.
This goal however, seems a little unrealistic, seeing as how I haven't even been able to fulfill my heart's desires and explore inner Lahore. Lahore is such a magical place. SO MUCH HISTORY. SO many shrines and mosques and time-old shops. One day, IA, I will explore Lahore. I hope I manage to do so before I move to Islamabad. I want to hear Pappu Sayeen and Goonga Sayeen play at the Tomb of Shah Jamal in Ichra. I wonder if anyone will take me. But most probably, my gender will get in the way because 'such places are not appropriate for young ladies'. Or a lady of anyage group for that matter. But I've been to everyyy shrine in Multan, The City Of Saints. I do believe I should be able to go see these two as well. They are sufi dholl players. Spiritual Drummers. Hahaha okay, maybe not drummers, but people who play the traditional Eastern Dholl. 

Seeing as how I've said so much about Italy (I haven't said anything about Italy at all), I shall ask YOU, non-existent readers. If you could be whisked away to one place, right now, where would you go?

Who wouldn't wanna visit this?!

Ahh so pretty I die :')
Enjoy xxx


  1. Omg I just LOVE reading your blog. Even though it is quite pointless (really) I read the whole thing twice just to make sure I didn't miss a word. So keep them posts coming!

    1. Hahaha thank youuu :D
      IA will try my best :*

  2. Hahaha very nice and veryyy realistic :D enjoyed reading this alott.. Keep it up Khadija :)

  3. Cute blog =)

  4. HuNkZ 0v HuNkz20 May 2013 at 01:27

    I love the bits of wit you put into your writing. They give you a pretty distinct style and always manages to put up a smile on MY face, at least. Keep it up ^_^

  5. Awww, this is soooo cuteee =*
    Italy IA! =D

  6. Overjoyed to read how randomness can be metaled to a fine blog like this. I'm always delirious to read this blog. Keep up the inventive work. ^_^

  7. Italy is beautiful. One of the best places. Do visit.


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