Freaky Post...Or Not.

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The above picture so perfectly sums up my life for the past few months. All day I study (ha, what a joke) and pay no attention to food. Come midnight, and my hunger kicks in. Yep, I am totally that guy in the robe. So much so, even the dog fits. I have two dogs, Chip and Caramel. My female; Caramel, is a genius. An evil genius. That dog can open any door, no matter what size or what kind. But more on that later. And no, she can't open fridge doors, in case you're wondering how my dog relates to the picture. She just likes to sit in front of the fridge.

Anyway, I've started losing weight due to my freaky eating habits, and that's good, obviously. But on the downside...I often have nothing to eat when I get hungry at 12. Now, I do this crazy thing, where I make (and eat ^_^) Freak Sandwiches. What is a Freak Sandwich? A Freak Sandwich is a sandwich which you make just like that. You don't think about what to put in, you just do it. Just Do It. It should also be called a Nike Sandwich. I am hoping you got the joke, here. If not, well then, back to sandwiches. K Thanks.

Freak Sandwiches (or Freaks, as I call them) have the tendency to go horribly wrong. Basically you're just experimenting, so the chances of ending up with something not so delish, are awfully high.
For example last week. My Freak consisted offff:
  • Cheese
  • Mayo
  • Onions
  • Mustard
  • Cucumber
Anddd, last but not the least...
  • Maggi Noodles
Needless to say, it tasted awful. Ended up giving the whole thing to Caramel. Not. Because that would be a waste of food O:)

Anyway, I learnt my lesson. Never be over adventurous while...freaking. It can be disastrous. And as it happens, I'm eating a Freak Sandwich as I type. This one is safer, although I think I went overboard with the Mustard. Oops? So this one has chicken spread, onions and mustard. Thassit. Onions are like a must. I love onions. And potatoes. And okraaa. I should do a post about my fave veggies :')

I would have posted pictures of today's Freak, but it's not very pretty. After the 12th, I will post a how-to on my Favorite Freak Sandwich. It is gon' be gooddd! 

Okay, so I am going to finish this so-so sandwich. You go pray for me. And yourself. Thank you so very much!


  1. Uff, this is lovee! :D
    So funnyy, and interestingg! KEEPP EET UPPP BBY CAKSS :* Love youu sis g <3

  2. First sandwich= FREAKYYYY
    Second sandwich= okay.

    Keep cooking. Interesting blog. Always a joy to read it :)

  3. Hahahaha cute post. Made me laugh :P Post more!!

  4. Beta esi koi recipe toh menay nahi sikhaayi thi. You naught naught girl. :3


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