Almost There!

04:56 Khadija Muzaffar 7 Comments

Yep. You see it too right? Batman wearing Juicy Couture, and a dyslexic Superman. Sorry, I messed up the colors on good ol' Clark boy. I know it's supposed to be Red Cape and Blue everything else. Hopefully he'll forgive me.
Especially when he hears I'm dying to watch his new movie. Man of Steel anyone? I've been having my exams for more than a month now, and I just want to partaayyyy now.

             Just two more days, Khadija.

Two more days. I have to hold it together for 48 hours. And then I can party all I want. Whenever I want. However I want? Okay, so maybe I'll be going easy on the Party Girl Syndrome. Whatever.

Also. I'll be doing PROPER food blog posts now. Not just pictures of stuff I randomly (and so frequently) make. I'll include the how-to and the recipe too. Cause that is kind of what I'm supposed to do, only, I was to lazy to actually do it. But I will from now on. I promise.

That is it for today, because my brain is telling me to go study Carbons' Relations with the Hydrogens of the World. I mean seriously, what is up with carbon. Someone should tell carbon to relaaxxx. Such a vast social circle that guy (?) has...

Okay. Yep. Carbon. Organic Chem. Torture. Or not. And then some Bio-lol-ogy. AND THEN FREEDOM!!

Keep me in your prayers, you're all in mine :)
Lots of love,


  1. Hahahahahahah so cute n funny :D

  2. love ur blog girl :)

  3. beautifully written :) like it

  4. Amazing blog. Please never stop writing!


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