Freedom Feast.

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So this is it. Freedom at last. After nearly four months of heavy moderate, studying, we are free. Is this real? Cause it really doesn't feel that way. Even today, on Summer Day 4, I momentarily begin to panic because I'm not studying. And then I the glorious truth dawns on me...I don't need to study. I DON'T NEED TO STUDY!! (For the next two months only.) So, on my way back from my last exam (Bio; don't ask :P )the only thing I could think of, was what I was going to make. And my sister's constant whining about not being able to go to Fatburger that day, led us to making our own interpretation of Fatburger. And honestly. I don't think I'll ever need to go there again. Seriously.

So. Crispy Chicken Burgers and Thandi Coke? Hell yes. This is my rendition of Fatburger. And ironically, it's nothing like Fatburger, but honestly. Who cares?

So I marinated the chicken without going too overboard. Just some salt, mustard, steak sauce and chilli flakes. Excuse the not-so-pretty picture, I was more than slightly hungry. 

Crushin' up some cornflakes. Toss them with flour and coat the marinated chicken with flour/cornflake mixture.

This is the gloriously fat-ridden outcome...Don't blame me!


Toast some buns. They look so pretty and unsymmetrical.

Well, that being done, it's assembly time. The title picture is what comes next. I like to go crazy with the sauces. Is it a wonder then, that I feel like a cow? Also, I prefer to not spread them. At all. Not spreading brings out more flavors, I think. Just prop up your chicken on top of your bed of sauces, and toss some salted chips on top. French Fries are great, but sadly I did not have time (or the effort) to make them first (it's 47 degrees in Lahore for crying out loud!) Hence, I picked up a bag of Salted Lays, and BANG SMASH. Brilliance. Looky.

And there you have it. Okay, so I get how this is more KFC-esque than Fatburger. But whatever. Eat. Be happy. Don't go into details. Unless you're buying an air conditioner. Then ALWAYS go into details. 
I hope this the start of a glorious food blogging adventure, be it small or (I can dream, right?) huge.

Freedom Burgers
Makes 4.

2 Chicken Breasts
4 Un-toasted Buns
Whole Grain (or normal) Mustard
Steak Sauce
Chilli Flakes
1 cup cornflakes (I prefer Nestle)
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 bag of Salted Chips
Oil or butter for frying

So to start with, slice the chicken Breasts lengthwise. Now you have 4 slices of chicken. Prick them with a fork, evenly. This is so that the marinade can seep in. Next, add around two teaspoons each, of Mustard and Steak Sauce. Sprinkle in some of those spicy flakes, to taste of course. Add a pinch and a half of salt. And let it be for 20 minutes. Go read a book. Seriously.

Okay. 20 minutes later. Take a plastic bag, and pour in a cup of cornflakes. Tie the bag, securely, and crush the contents using a rolling pin. They shouldn't be powder-like, but they should be finely crushed. Finer than in the picture. Take them out in a deep plate, and add the 1 cup flour. Thoroughly incorporate. Now lift one piece of the chicken, keeping one hand dry, and place it in your coating. Let it be for a minute or so, and using then flip it over. using your dry hand, coat any area which might have been left undercoated. 
I hope you pre-heated your pan. I really hope so. If yes, then place your chicken in it and wait for it to cook on one side before turning it over. If not, square one baby. 
Chicken fried? Buns toasted? Great, you're almost there.
Get your buns saucy. Place your chicken. Add your chips.
Pour a glass of coke, and watch Mad Men maybe? Star World saved me from the tedious task of live streaming. Yay me. 

And we're done. Serve warm. It's delish.



  2. Beta, this is beautiful. I see you followed my recipe step by step. Good job :)


  3. Zubaidah Aapa, aap Toh best hain <3 such a big fan.

  4. (Y) I am a cool cat, beta. B)


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