Khadija's Adventures in China Town (Market)

04:09 Khadija Muzaffar 4 Comments

I have a dream. 
I have a slightly unrealistic dream.
I have a dream which makes my mother call me delusional. 
Nonetheless, I have a dream.

I dream about owning a dog farm, where I breed dogs and live happily ever after with my trusted horse and Chip and Caramel. Okay wrong dream. Sorry.

I dream about going on a shopping spree where I buy every kind of spatula there is. Wooden handle, plastic handle, metal handle. I want them all. I want whisks and bowls and cookie cutters and sifts and measuring cups and anything to do with baking, cooking, eating, drinking- FOOD. I am Khadija. Food lover. (Almost) Food blogger. I am invincible.

So imagine how complete I feel when I go to China Market. China Town. Lol. It feels like home. (Yes you may joke about me looking Chinese please and feeling at home in China Market. Allowed.)

I will show you all the wonders that my eyes beheld. And you too, will drool. Seriously.

All this crystal, this was what made me realize that THIS BEAUTY MUST BE SHARED!!! The world deserves to see all this magical beauty. Please tell me to get a hold of myself. It's just glass, pfft. (Yeah right.)

Anyone who doesn't fall in love with these mini-bowls is not right in the head. Maybe they need cheesecake. Maybe I need cheesecake. Yes please.

Cutlery. Standing so tall and proud. Responsible for making us look just a smidge civilized. Thank you dear knives and forks and spoons. 

This. I fell in love with this. But my mother reminded me that we are packing stuff, not unpacking. Couldn't we have just bought it and packed it? I think yes. Very yes. But I couldn't for the love of me find a rose-bud spray tea set. I was reading this book (this is one my all-time favorite books btw, I've been reading it since fifth grade. Never get tired.) and Anne asks if she can use the rose-bud spray tea set. Ever since, it's been stuck in my head. Help.

Casserole. Beef stew. DADI FISH OMGG. So much. I want thesee. (Best part, even mama did. You know what that means. We'll have a casserole party, you and I.)

We scoured so many shops. So many. And I saw the cutest suitcase ever. So much to add to my wishlist. Also. There was a small shop/outlet/khokha =p Lahori Samosay. OH HOW GREAT IT IS TO SEE LAHORE WRITTEN IN A FOREIGN PLACE! Amazing. Even though Pindi isn't that foreign, but still. Anyway. Back in Lahore. Thank God. This place is amazing. 

As is China Market. Where next time, I'll hopefully see Sheikh Rasheed's house as well. (We were running out of time.)

 And so. I bid a momentary farewell to this place. Amazing. Spectacular. Breath taking. I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about Pakistan and it's somewhat hidden and somewhat obvious beauty. Take care, dear readers. Stay safe and remember to pray for meee. 'The horrors of shifting houses' is coming up next. Till then, ciao. Lolvut?
Khadija Foodie. Hehaho.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA you have had Lahori Samosay tooo! :D
    Loved this blog. Took me to pindi. -Tango rider.

  2. Tea setss!! They are gorgeous! You should have gotten them KD :P

    1. They really are!! And I wish I had :( Next time maybe? :P


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