Green Drinks And Stripey Straws.

14:06 Khadija Muzaffar 2 Comments

So I've been taking my health and fitness a lot more seriously in the last couple of weeks. Well, I try to. I mostly lack on the working out end, which happens to be the most important, sadly. 

Anyway, I was googling a lot of stuff, and I got to know, that Green Health Drinks or smoothies, are reaaally healthy. Like super nutrient dense. Apparently Dr. Oz used to swear by them. And all this time I wondered why every fit person raved about 'power smoothies'. But is it really that much of a surprise? I mean, can we expect to be super skinny if we stuff ourselves with fried and nutrition-less stuff that we call 'food' every other minute? (Guilty...)

Also, am I the only one who ends up eating when I'm bored? Like, is something wrong with my brain? Guess not. It's just that we need to 'tune our minds' as my mother calls it. We're not hungry, we're bored. And I'm rambling. Can we talk about green drinks for a sec?

So, my ultimate fashion, beauty and health guru, Miranda Kerr has this Morning Power Shake, which is also green. She adds, among other things, Chia Seeds, Acai (pronunce: aa-sa-yay) Powder and Maca Powder in it. 

Now, I found out what Chia Seeds are. They're this little fella! Remember Tukh Malangazzz? Such a cool name! And even cooler features. They are AMAZING for health, and have a cooling effect on your body, great for hot summers like these ones. I used to down a glass of lemonade mixed with Chia Seeds all of last summer. So I am no stranger to the health benefits of these miracle workers. I've seen the results firsthand.

However, I am having trouble understanding what maca powder and acai powder is. I think the former is mace. What mace is, I have no idea. Acai powder, is some kind of black thing. Dunno. Will search though. Meanwhile, I'll just have stick to almonds. And Chia Seedss, oh yeah!

Guys. If you guys have any idea what maca and acai powders are, please, do comment. I need to know!! MY FITNESS DEPENDS ON YOU! (See how I'm shifting the blame right there? I'm smart.)

Okay guys. I shall go and see whats in my fridge...not. Because that would be wrong. Oh what the heck, I ain't fooling anybody :P
Loads ov prayaazz,
Khadija M.

PS. Anyone know where I can get stripey straws? Need stripey straws ASAP. My life depends on it, lol.


  1. Zubaida aapaaaa22 July 2013 at 14:23

    Oho beta. You could've asked this Food Guru for some help too, you know. I have answers to all your questions. Kyun google per sir khapaati ho?

    1. Haha okay will do :P
      Any idea what maca powder is?


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