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OMG right? I've been away for so long! Ahh it's Ramzan my dears. Sending my wishlist to Allah :P
Anyhoo, how are things on your side? Hope everything is well!
Todaayyy, I have invited my soul mate, adviser, best friend, everryyything, my sister, Fatima, who is the owner of this amazing thing. She's gonna be talking about something which I'm a big fan of, and of which SHE is an even bigger fan...Fashion B|

Oh yess. So sis dear, take it away...

Fashion Do’s and Don’ts:
Although what you want to wear or carry is completely up to you, still, there are a couple of things that you should NOT do and some you should ALWAYS DO.

  •   Dark and eyes and dark lips...TOGETHER!
      Dark eyes give a very formal look...but when you wear RED (believe me I've seen people) lipstick with DARK, SMOKY EYES, you look nothing less than Jennifer Goodwin at the Metball. Dark eyes look good with Nude lips. And dark lips look good with light eyes.

  •  Black and Brown! Sure, contrast looks good, but the Black and Brown contrast is one that doesn't  Especially in winters, if you’re wearing a black coat and you wear brown boots/uggs. It’s different in summers!  Black shoes go good with any color. From orange to grey. J

  •  Always wear a watch! A watch is something that can look good with anything. Formal or Casual. White or Gold watches (not actual gold gold :p Golden, as in the color) are really in fashion these days. Watches give you a very elegant and chic look. So, always wear one, k? :D
  • Flip-flops! FLIP-FLOPS. Best shoes for summers. You should have a collection of flip-flops if you’re in Pakistan, that too, Lahore. Heat like Lahore’s asks for nothing but flip-flpos. No sneakers, no trainers, no pumps. Not all flip-flops are the beach kind, Accessorize has amazing ones, which you can wear with any casual look. For formal, you should have a nice cute and simple pair of sandals. Black and Gold is really in this season. Get a simple pair of black and gold sandals. Oh and studs too. Steve Madden and Forever 21 have lovely Stud shoes.

Basically, you need to be confident, no matter what you're wearing. It doesn't matter if you're in style or out of it, as long as you're confident about how you look, you'll do great!

Guys, you should check out Fatima's blog, Something Borrowed! It's pretty amazing. And thank you sis g for this helpful article :D
Next time, I share something a reader of mine sent me, it's so amazingly over-whelming to hear from you guys! Thanks for the positive feedback, you're amazing :D
Till then, loads of prayers,


  1. Lagta hai aapnay kbhi Karachi chakaar nhi lagaya -,-

    1. Nahi ab aesi bhi baat nahi hai :P
      I like Karachi...thora sa.

  2. i dont care, i will wear black nd brown. dont care what y0u say >:(

    1. Kaybro. Brown and black can look well in only CERTAIN things. But, do what you must.


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