Shoes Like Whoa.

12:04 Khadija Muzaffar 10 Comments

I've had a revelation.

My purpose in life is to do anything but waste 5 minutes (more like 50) everyday on Facebook.

Also. What is up with my Twitter obsession? I tweet like a two year old on Crystal Meth. Bad reference. Pardon me.

So, a few days ago, I told you about an old pair of sneakers that was sitting in my cupboard. I finally mustered up courage to look up from my laptop and tweak 'em up. 

It was...amazing. Spectacular. Can I say 'life-changing'? Of course I can. It's my blog, I can say whatever I like.

This right below, is what you need. You need a permanent marker as well bee tee dubs. #RedSharpie #LOL #Revenge.

So excuse the random hashtags (twitter frenzy going on!) and move on to this. You'll be painting over your shoes with the polish to make it look brand spanking new.

So the outer edging needs to be filled and markered. Is that a word? It should be a word. Totes.

So all the edging filled in? Now we put some tape along one side of the shoe, and then we draw a succession of slanting lines, in a fishbone pattern. (You however, can do whatever you want. It's cool.)

Basically, that's all you do. Do it on both sides, and on both shoes. Unless you're into that whole rebel fashion thing.

And there you have it. So pretty. I'm going to get new black laces for them. Can't wait to strut around town (Major LOL) in my spiced up shoes.
Enjoy my lovelies. I probably should have used a comma there. Pardon me. Again.
Lots of prayers,
Khadija M.

PS. I am SOOO wanting to make this beauty, let's hope I do, cuz that'd be great!!


  1. OMGZ. THIS IS LOVEE. finally the sneakers are done. CONGRATSSS :D OMGZ. SOOO MANYYY PAGEVIEWS :O So proud of you sis g :')

    Photography Credzz tou de do freaakkk :*
    I LOVE YOUU. YOU MAA FREAAKKK KAY. I LOVE YAAH DAWGG (oth overdose. skills overdose)
    :* chummiyan shummiyannnnnnn :DDD <3 x 17521639000

    1. Hahahaha thankss sisterrr :D
      Sure, next time, the credits are yoursss :D
      Love you :)))

  2. Omg. Its so good. I can never be this creative. :p Love it! Keep it up. xo.

    1. Thank you so much :D
      Your feedback means a lotttt!! :D


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