The Chinese Afghan.

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So it's a pretty normal thing for us to see Chinese people in Islamabad. It's equally normal for my sister to remind me that I am related to them. And it's inevitable that we stop for Afghani food. We love Afghani Food. Who doesn't? So right next to the Afghan restaurant- was an Afghan Bakery! I KNOW RIGHT?! Apparently my parents already knew about it, but it was completely new to me so yay. It was such a cute place. And the person behind the counter looked so Chinese, but he was in fact Afghani. Cool. Afghani people are pretty. 

Also. I know you were expecting a post about the horrors of shifting. But that's life. Unexpected. And now you have this. You have a place to visit next time you're in Isloo. And you too can see the Chinese Who Wasn't.

This is the bakery from the outside. The signboard at least. I know, it doesn't look too impressive, but it was such a quaint shop! They bake a lot of stuff, but we got there pretty late so they were almost 'sold out', much to my dismay :(

Can you spot the cracked egg? I'm not talking about myself...or am I? -.^

Gimme cheese and we all can be happy forever. I promise. 

How pretty and delicious and joyous and does this look? And delicious. Did I sa how delicious it looked? Yes I did, kthenks.

So basically, while waiting for the above piece of gorgeousness to arrive, my father and I went to check out the bakery. It was almost closing time, but nobody can say no to me. ( I wish :P )
And so. We saw Mr Not Chinese and his goods. (Like the bran crackers in the top picture, which were AMAZING btw. So much thinspo ^_^ ) and then we had Afghaaaaannniii Foooooddd. 

And then I came home and found out I weighed like a thousand pounds (not) and decided to stay away from my BFF food :( 
Also yesterday, I made choc. chip muffins, so yeah. Staying away? Not so good :P

Okay thassit. I'm out of here. I've got a house to pack!! See ya!


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