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This made me laugh :P But it's true. Have you got your dream jewels picked out? I have ^_^

It's this one! A beautiful solitaire from Tiffany and co. Omagad. I can hazz? I got a fake ring JUST like this one, but sadly, I lost it :(

But generally speaking, Tiffany has such cute advertisements. Here's one I really like. I have another one, but it's in my diary ( I tore it out of a magazine, lol :P ) 
Jones New York also has amaze ads. I'll try to show you :)
Till then, enjoy your summazzz!
Khadija M.


  1. The tiffany one is so cute :)
    And the ring is mesmerizing :o

  2. My personal favourite is a Black diamond diamonds are so mysterious and beautiful.....


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