With Your Love.

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Guys. Omg. 2000 hits. More than 2K hits. Thank you so much! Seriously, never thought I would make ittt :'D
And it's all because of you guys. Because you take the time to read all of this. Thenks bro.

A thing that I love, apart from increasing page views, is your feedback. Positive feedback is so so so important, and it makes my day when I hear a few loving words from you guys. It motivates me to continue this blog, and not just get lost in my own mundane routine.

So, a few days ago, a friend of mine messaged me  on Facebook, saying how much she enjoyed this blog. She told me that she too had renovated her own sneakers as I did here. So naturally, I asked her to send me a picture, and then I decided that I would show case her work of art over here as well. 

So, I present to you, Ms. Mahnoor's version of tweaked up shoes!

As you can see, she went for a more pop-funk look. With vivid colors and bold patterns, these beauts will be a joy to wear in the summers. 

What I specially love about them is the fact that they have an essence of symmetry to them as well. One side on each shoe has solid colors, and the other has trendy chic patterns. 

I think they look amazing, and I'm so grateful to Mahnoor for being generous enough to share her creation with us.

Amazing! I think going totally creative like this is an amazing idea, and its a great way to spend time. Plus, when you end up with something as amazing as this, what have you got to lose?

Guys, thank you for reading all this. Thanks for giving me support :P
Stay happy, stay blessed, and remember me in this blessed month!
Loads of prayers for you all,
Khadija Muzaffar.

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  1. I love your site! You will be in our prayers and thoughts! Nice and informative post
    on this topic thanks for sharing with us.Thank you


    1. Awww thank you so much! This means a lot!
      Thank you for reading :D

  2. How the heck can you call i symetry?? :O
    Its just random colourd shoes -_-
    dats not symmetry. D:

    1. The PATTERN is symmetrical -.-
      I am well aware that they are colored shoes -.-


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