Wait, WHAT is happening??

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Hello. Hey. Hi. Hola. What's up? What's happening? Did anyone get married? Did any of you give birth? Did someone have a birthday?
What is newww guysss? I've been so busy, I haven't had time to ask. Silly KD, where them manners at??

You see, I've been SO swamped, SO SWAMPED, I can't even get my act together. It's sad really, since tenth grade, all I've really been doing is taking exams :/ O and A Levels is nothing but exams. Two, then six, then four, then three again and then three more to follow. And then, after that. Five more years of soul-draining "EDUCATION". Why? WHY are we doing this? Just why?

Oh and in case you're wondering what's with the freaky picture, that's Caramel, who looks oddly unkempt in the picture, but she's a lovely gal in real life. We were bathing her with this medicated shampoo that was supposedly toxic for her, and we didn't have a cone, so I made one out of chart paper, and she looked like a flower, and she looked so confused, poor girl.

Anyway, tomorrow we're having a Lasagna Party with a few relatives. I love these kinds of gatherings <3 I promise I'll do a post on kick ass lasagna and amaze fish. Promise. There's something about Winter Parties that I just adore. As a rule, I hate winters. Why? Let's evaluate.
  10 Things I Hate About Winters.
  1. It's so cold.
  2. Going to bed is a torture.
  3. Ice-cold clothes.
  5. Getting out of the shower.
  6. Trying to tell yourself that no, it is NOT cool to just sit in front of the heater and yes, you have to put clothes on.
  7. You put on THREE pairs of socks, and your feet are still frozen.
  9. How do you even wake up at seven? 
  10. You edd ub soudig like this. 
I mean, there's not even snow here to make it all worth it :/
BUT. To be fair, there might be a few things I like about winters. 

 Things That Make Winters Less Sucky.
  1. Winter Sunlight <3
  2. How winter parties are so much more cosier.
  3. How hot chocolate tastes infinitely nicer when it's cold outside.
Umm, that's kind of it. But hey, something's better than nothing, right? So anyway, next post will be about our Lasagna Party so yayy :D

I wanna do what Tracy Shutterbean does and post pictures of my 'Everyday Life'. But will that seem too self-obsessed?? Anyway, here's a picture for now. This is from our foyer. I love the plate with mama and baba's names on it. Tres romantique <3

Gaahh I'm a total sucker for any kind of romance (pls no awara ashiq majnu things pls) The red plate says 'Muzaffar and Ayesha' btw. (As if you can't read.)

Also, the other day mama and baba brought back this delish slab of something something chocolate, from a place called 'Burning Brownie'. Now, as unappetizing as the name sounds (it sounds a little cute tbh) the Chocolate Thingy was so good <3 Not sure what they call it, but it was basically two kinds of mousse topped with a thick layer of ganache. I normaly don't like mousse, but this ganache made it AMAZE. I especially loved the retro and minimalist boxes they had. Looks so nice. Have a look.

This weekend, I'm planning on reading some Tolstoy and Nabakov. I'm planning on unwinding just a little before I take A2 by the horns. I'm planning on posting sad depressing poems about love on Tumblr. The usual, no biggie.

Before I go, dear readers, I made you guys a poll. I don't know why, but I just did, okay? Be a bakra and cast your vote. *bats eyelashes* (I don't even knowww.)
Hahahaha you guys just might kill me someday :')

Anyway, do let me know how your lives are going, feel free to talk to me about anything (you know I have an ask, right?)
Love you all to the moon and back and then some.
Thanks for reading this :') Seriously.

PS. A special shout out to Aimen Ahsun for leaving suchhhhh a lovely comment on the blog! Totally made my day, love you loads Aimen <3


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