Ahoy Winters!

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Ah. It's that time of the year again...winters *shudders*
WHY IS IT SO COLD? WHY? Be good to me please, dear Winters. Anyway, how've you been?? I know I promised you a post about something else, but I don't know why, I just DID not feel like doing it. Like, instant repulsion type scene. Idk why :/ I'll get around to it though...hopefully.

So I FINALLY got some reading done. I finished Sense and Sensibility just two days ago, and I la la loved it. Obviously not as much as Pride and Prejudice, I mean, that is just a whole other level of love. But this was a great book too. I'm a total Jane Junkie (Jane Austen luvaahh) and I can't wait to read all her other works AND WATCH THEIR TELEVISED VERSIONS YAYY :') 

Also, I've been meaning to read a little Tolstoy and Nabokov too :( So many books, so little time. So next up, I'll probz be reading Emma, Mansfield Park, Portrait of A Lady, Anna Karenina, Lolita and Agnes Grey. Hoo boy. I've got a whole lot of work cut out for me, Lord help me.

I wanna do a podcast, like Joy The Baker does :( I need/want a theme song too, where someone sings my name and mentions all the cute/adorbz/slightly freaky things about me :( I wanna be a wedding cake maker, an apple taker and a cocktail shaker too :( Will you podcast with me? :( SO MUCH WHINING RIGHT DERE. 

Okay moving on. So here are some cool links to cool stuff on the oh so cool interwebzz.
FIRST UP, we have AMAZING DOODLES!! This is actually pretty cute. Heart X3.

Then, this EPIC note-passing! Oh. My. God. I laughed so much! Too bad that at the end they...READ IT.

Also, do you guys remember Amanda Bynes? From She's The Man, which was inspired by William Shakespeare's play, Twelfth Night? I don't know about you people, but I loved that movie, and I loved Amanda Bynes. That is until I found out what happened. It seems that Amanda is seriously unwell...mentally. Watch this bizzare and more than a little scary video, and tell me what you think. I felt so sorry for her after watching this, it seemed obvious to me that she's mentally unwell, and IT SCARED ME SO MUCH. I couldn't go into the kitchen because of my irrational fear of FreakyAmanda. Wishing all the best for her!
Read THIS to see what I mean :(

Isn't this wedding absolutely BEAUTIFUL? I think it's gorgeous, and I'm loving the string lights. I wanna have a warm cozy Winter/Holiday Party (cause come on, that sounds AMAZING) and have loads of string lights :')

WAYUL. I should think thats enough. I should think. I should eat. I don't know. GUISE CAN YOU GUYS BE A LEETUL BIT MORE INTERESTING PLEASE?! Thanks :(
Also, why am I getting so many beauty questions on ask? :P Not that I mind, I like makeup and beauty and all that stuff, but why the sudden questions? I izz curious :P

Oh well, that's all from this Foreva Cat Posing Thing, Imma go pig out on some food now :3
Thank ye very much for bearing with me.
Love you loads <3 [Besties 5ever?]
Khadija M.


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