Some You Give Away.

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It takes a while for it to sink in. Everything is going great, until one day, you look up, and you realize, nothing is the same anymore. Everything is either packed up into boxes, or you've given it away. Or you've let it go. 
And that's life, isn't it? You keep only what you need. The rest, you give away. 

Why can't we move around with every bit of our past? All our memories, all our mistakes? We're already haunted by the songs of a distant life, so what's a little more fear, a little more remorse? Maybe that way, we'd never truly err. If we kept in mind everything that went wrong, everything we screwed up, that is.

But no.
This post is not going to be depressing. Or sad. Or analytic.
I'm just gonna rant and show you a butterfly.
And in case you're wondering, yes, that is me inside a box. I attacked/surprised my sister that way. Best part? Mama planned the attack. Huzzah.


Life. Happens. 
People change. People die. People leave you.

Yet you survive. 
You survive. And you learn. And you grow. And you evolve. 

You evolve from a caterpillar, a simpleton into a graceful butterfly who knows their way, I guess. 
Too cliche? I know it is. But it doesn't matter. Deal with ittt.

Okay. I got lost right there. I do not know where I was headed with this d33p post. I guess my rants are best saved for diary then. And no , you cannot read my diary (that means YOU, Fatima). Although, who am I kidding, that girl's read my diary cover to cover :/

I was supposed to show you a butterfly, but I can't find it, so let me show you something that made sense in a scary way.

So dear readers (Scoff all you like, but I know somewhere, some dear soul is reading this, and dear reader, know that I truly love you <3) I don't know. Some days, you feel like caving in. You don't even feel strong enough to Tumblr-ify it into a sad mopey whiny poem about how life is picking on you. Because let's face it, life throws epic curveballs. And in the end (it doesn't even matter?) it's those curveballs that make us who we are.
Stay strong!
Loads of prayers and wishes,
Khadija M.


  1. Hahahah Linkin Park reference? :p

    1. You know it :P Although, I never really listened to Linkin Park much :/


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