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Yo guys wassup. Too informal? Meh. Okay so a long time ago, I did my first Playlisting post and I also kinda said I would make it a regular feature.....butttt I didn't. So I apologize, kind of :P

Anyway, I wanted to that again, because I've had a major genre shift, and although none of the songs I'm listening to are, well, "new", they are nontheless, new for me and I wanted to share them with you. So last year, I was VERY into Indie music, and I still like it very much, but NOW, I've started falling in love with music that falls more in the punk rock/post-hardcore/metalcore genre.

Now bear with me here, I know that this MAYBE doesn't sound that amazing, but dude NO. Just listen to these songs and if you dont turn, well. Thats just too bad. Your loss :p But no seriously, they don't have a lot of screaming in them, which is good, because I just cant take the screamy parts very seriously...y'know, the Asking Alexandria kind of screams. It just seems, idk, unreal :P 
Anyway, lets get started on the list. 

  1. So lets start with Panic! At The Disco, alright? Dude okay, lets get this straight, Brendon Urie is a wonderful angel sent from above. His voice is MAGIC and his voice on the album is THE SAME as in real life ALSO he can play what, some 20 instruments, so umm Brendon Urie > you.Songs I love that aren't on their soundcloud in the above link are 'Lets Kill Tonight' and 'Nicotine'. But listen to the ones on their soundcloud because JUST DO IT <3
  2. Next up I am listening to a lot of Paramore these days, with this song (Misery Business) being my fave, followed by Playing God. If you don't love Hayley William's voice then I'm sorry but what is wrong with you?
  3. Okay okay okay. Now the bands I just got into. So Pierce The Veil. Ohhh my god. They are SO GOOD! WHY DIDNT I FIND OUT ABOUT THEM SOONER? These three songs (King For a Day, Bulls In The Bronx, Besitos) are my ABSOLUTE faves. Caraphernelia is also another really good song. I'm still exploring into these next few bands, but I really like these songs so I guess the others will be nice too. Also this band has a veryyy subtle Latin hint to a lot of their songs which is super nice. BUT LISTEN TO THESE SONGS BY THIS BAND!!!! I cannot stress that enough, PTV will change your life..kind of. (And no not the govt. channel -.-)
  4. NEXT. Sleeping with Sirens. (Songs linked: If You Can't Hang, Roger Rabbit, A Trophy Father's Son) Kellin Quinn is so purty :/ He's also super close with Vic Fuentes who is the lead singer for Pierce The Veil. I like this band a little less than PTV, but I still think it's pretty cool. They released a new album this year called Madness and you should listen to 'Go Go Go' and 'Fly' which are pretty dope.
  5. Attttrrreeeeyyyuuu! Seriously, this band is pretty darn good! The linked song is 'Blow' and it will blow your mind away for realzkies. Its SO DAMN CATCHY, and maybe also PG-13 because of frequent F-bombing but I guess since we're not 13, izz cool. Also how fun is to say Atreyu? It sounds so cool!
  6. Nothing But Thieves with Graveyard Whistling which is a lovely moody song that is gonna stick to your mind like butterscotch sticks to your teeth...okay sorry. I love the drums that start at 1:40-ish and also their drummer is super cute. Ya ok bye.
  7. Bring Me The Horizon please and thank you. It's over there on the dresser. Acha okay lame jokes aside. Again, why hadn't I heard any of their songs before? Shadow Moses. Go listen to this. Ohhhh the epicness of these bands make me wish I was part of them or I was married to someone from them JUST LISTEN TO THEM OKAY?
  8. Good ol' Fall Out Boy. Have you heard their new album American Beauty/American Psycho? My fave song off their album is Irresistible because it really is. And I'm sure you've all heard 'Centuries'. Okay you know what, I love almost ALL songs from this album :( Okay thanks.
Well this turned out longer than I intended, mainly cause I ended up writing an essay about each band :p 
I have a question for you guys, I'm thinking about changing my blogs font. Should I? :P 
Option A) No nonsene Arial. Which I don't really like, but maybe it's easier to read?
Option B) Verdana. Which is basically just a wider Arial.
Option C) Helvetica. Only because it sounds cool.
Option D) Courier. Which is what I have now, because it looks very typewriter-y. 

Do let me know, because now that I think about it, maybe Courier wasn't the best choice after all :/ Anyway, I really hope you listen to the music. Bonus Tracks: Take Me Dancing by The Maine. Andddd A Love Like War by All Time Low. Again, you might have heard these songs, but I haven't so hush. Are there any songs you would recommend from this genre? I'd LOVE to know!
Stay safe, stay happy and stay kind, always. Love you guys!
Khadija the Squid. 


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